The thought of generating our own energy is certainly tempting, and what’s there to lose if you install a solar panel system? The simple answer is nothing. You have everything to gain from having such a system in your home or property because you not only produce your own energy that you can use and save money in the process, but you can also earn extra money with the energy you can ‘sell’ back to the grid. But there are some major decisions you have to make regarding your solar panel system – including whether or not to go for integrated or in-roof solar panels. Are they worth it? Here’s your best guide. 

What are they?

Compared to standard solar panels, integrated or in-roof solar panels are different because you can install them as your actual roof. Standard solar panels are placed on top of roof slates or tiles, but integrated solar panels will replace a portion or section of your roofing, and there will no longer be any roof tiles beneath. In-roof solar panels are specially designed for weatherproofing, and they are stronger and more robust than standard tiles. These in-roof panels serve as the tiles of your roof whilst having photovoltaic cells so you can produce electricity. 

Are they worth it?

There are various reasons why more property owners are choosing to have in-roof solar panels rather than standard solar panels, as solar panel specialists from attest. What are these reasons, then? Following are a few:

  • Their aesthetic appeal. People have always seen on-roof or standard solar panels as bulky and generally unsightly, and even if the most updated models are more streamlined, you can still go a step further when you opt for integrated or in-roof solar panels. Since you can choose to install them as part of the structure of your roof, they will look even more streamlined, sitting flush with the tiles of your roof and blending more seamlessly. They are more aesthetically appealing compared to standard panels, and this could be worth noting if you may want to move and sell your property in the future.
  • Their lightweight property. If you install standard solar panels on top of your home’s roof, they will add extra weight to your roof’s structure, and this can result to various issues after some time. But with an integrated or in-roof solar panel system, you don’t need any heavy mounting frames. The installers will simply replace a section of the tiles on your roof with the in-roof solar panels, which are sometimes even lighter than standard roof tiles.
  • Their cost. In the past, when in-roof solar panels were first introduced, they were costlier than standard panels. But since the technology is now more in-demand and more manufacturers are producing such panels, they have become less expensive. Furthermore, installing integrated solar panels is more affordable than replacing your entire roof. 
  • Their suitability for listed properties, roof replacements, and new builds. Integrated or in-roof solar panels are also more suitable for listed properties since they are more lightweight and will not be too heavy for delicate structures. Also, they may be able to meet requirements for planning permission in protected areas or listed properties more than standard panels because they sit flush with your roof and can come in the same colour scheme as your roof. 

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