If you are trying to get pregnant using the IVF method, then you know by now that your body will go through major changes during the treatment. However, the change doesn’t stop here. IVF cycles will also affect your life, job, and how you relate to others. It’s a difficult period in every woman’s life and, in order to succeed, you need to know all the details before starting the treatment.

The mature approach to IVF is learning about all the nooks and crannies. Most of these will be discussed with the fertility doctor of your choice; however, there are some that you need to learn by yourself. For instance, you should know that your body and your skin will change during the treatment and that you will have to slow down and relax for a while. Stress is not a good companion when it comes to in vitro fertilization.

One other thing that will change is your beauty ritual. Every woman has her beauty habits that make her who she is, but during IVF, some of these practices may change. This is exactly what we’re going to discuss today: how IVF is going to affect your beauty rituals and what you should do about it.

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Switching to organic products

Most cosmetic products use certain chemicals and preservatives that might affect the health of your eggs. According to scientists, there is no basis to this affirmation yet, but more and more women make the switch to organic products during IVF treatments. It’s a choice they make in order to assure that the body is free of harmful toxins and nothing will endanger the success of the procedure. At the same time, switching to organic products, they will be able to maintain certain parts of their beauty regimen.

If you don’t know how to find the best organic products, or you simply don’t trust the labels, you can make your own cosmetic products following a recipe. Some are quite easy to make and the effect should be same. However, keep in mind that the products you make at home must be stored properly and they do have a shorter shelf life since you’re not using chemical preservatives.

Anyway, if you decide to go with commercial organic products, try to find those that have fewer ingredients on the label.

How about hair dye?

The IVF clinic personnel must offer you complete support and access to all sorts of information during the treatment. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask all sorts of questions, even if they seem dumb or unproductive. However, the answer regarding hair dye varies from one clinic to another.

First, you should know that hair dye does contain some pretty powerful environmental chemicals and they do have a negative effect on fertility. For instance, there are studies that show that some of the most common ingredients in hair dye are endocrine disruptors. This means that, once they reach your organism, they will play with your natural level of hormones which can lead to issues during the IVF treatment.

So, yes, you should try to abstain from hair dyeing while under IVF treatment. The balance is extremely delicate and you shouldn’t do anything that could upset it.

Is Perfume OK?

Sadly, this is another habit you will have to give up during the IVF cycle and even during the first trimester of pregnancy. It’s something no woman could give up easily, but perfumes are filled with chemicals in order to create a particular smell.

Since no one should go through an entire day without being able to take care of their personal hygiene the proper way, we recommend eco-friendly products like essential oils. These are obtained directly from a natural source and they can be combined to obtain a certain fragrance. Even more, they may even resist longer on the skin, and you can combine them in natural skin care products you do at home.

However, talk to your fertility doctor about essential oils as there are some that are not good for pregnant women. For instance oak, wormwood, sage, and others are not recommended during this period.

The one rule to keep you safe

When it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, the one rule that will always keep you safe is this: when in doubt, better remove the product from your list. So, if you don’t know if a product will affect your hormonal balance and health, give it up.

Final thoughts

We do live in a world where the old ways are completely changing: women choose to have babies later in life, people focus less on marriage and more on love, and we do choose happiness before tradition. Even so, starting a family is a fantastic experience and you should have all the necessary information in order to make sure the process is smooth and successful.

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