Green tea, mocha-coffee, hot cocoa, these are the drinks of our lives. Healthy and warm, these are the stress-busters and can revive us anytime we want. However, with so many choices to choose from, we are pretty selective when it comes to choosing a flavor and the same is followed when it comes to our mugs and sipping cups. These don’t just carry our beverages but are a precious piece of our lives. We spend hours shopping to find the perfect one. The search hunt may cost us hours but then the secured mug simply makes us happier and gives us moments of comfort now and then. Recent studies say that there’s a sudden gush of energy and excitement when a person watches his favorite mug coming his way and this sudden blow of happiness is the main reason for him to reach for rainbows skies above. So, next time you wish to cheer someone up, bring him a hot mocha in his favorite personalised coffee mug and watch him go bonkers after it.

You might have felt that it is the colors or the vague designs of the mug that makes our mugs special, however, there is another side of the story. Following are the few reasons that make us connected to that coffee mug for all seasons.

  1. Warms Heart

A sip from a favorite mug can easily put one to solace. That’s right, these personalised mugs can simply calm oneself down and brings back the cool. These might be hot, but they cater to control the temper and warms the heart like never before. 

  1. Carriers of Comfort

Just like the clouds are the carriers of heavenly rains, similarly, the cups are the carriers of our comforting, cozy beverage. These bring relief in the warmest manner possible and gives us a shoulder to brush all the blues away! These sweep in moments of comfort and relief throughout all the seasons. 

  1. Sips of Memories

These custom mugs, when accompanied by photos and heartwarming quotes can simply take us to the world of whimsy and remind us of all the good times, we cherished once. These can teleport anyone to heaven with its oh-so-charming beauty and the memories they carry along.

  1. Makes Us Value Little Things

Spending a quality time together with a trusted mug every day can help us see the world in a different way. These make our soul strong and heart warmer and generally, gives us the moments to value people, and other things which we choose to ignore now and then.

  1. Everlasting Gift

Heartcrafted with a motto to keep relations together, a coffee mug with a photo is sure a special gift with many hidden aspects. It decorates the desk, kitchen station, and when the cup loses its grace, this can be used as a pen-pencil holder as well. As a memorable gift, this can be a gift, one will love to cherish it forever.

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