Over the last decade or so, smartphones have made leaps and bounds when it comes to the functionality which they offer. Going from being incredibly slow computers to super speedy mobile machines, companies have had loads of opportunities to improve their product’s performance. Now, though, things are starting to slow down. CPU manufacturers are reaching the limits of the technology, and the apps which are being used aren’t getting anymore demanding. This is leading to change in the industry, and this post is going to be exploring where this might go over the next few years.

Titans Are Falling

Gone are the days of one or two companies ruling the phone market, as the price of developing these devices gets cheaper and cheaper. In recent times, dozens of new manufacturers have sprung from seemingly nowhere, offering options which often beat the leaders of the field in both price and specifications. For example, the Oneplus 5 is comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but costs a fraction of the price, all because it comes directly from China. As time goes on, this could see the biggest companies fall from their position at the top of the market. Of course, though, this will take some time, and you will still be able to get your iPhone replaced with something better when it does.

Freedom Is King

For many years, enthusiast phone users have been working hard to modify their operating systems and applications using backdoor methods. As time goes on, this is becoming less common, though, with tools like launchers promising to make your phone experience very customisable. Along with this, the old trend of keeping phones network locked also seems to be disappearing. Gone are the days of unlocking iPhone 7s, with loads of companies opting to sell their devices without any sort of restrictions. This can save loads of time and effort when it comes to moving onto a new provider in the future.

Prices Will Fly

FInally, as the last area to consider, the prices of smartphones are also set to keep changing over the next few years. Since 2011, Samsung’s S range of phones has gone up over $200 per phone, as the technology which goes into making them becomes more and more complex. There are loads of phones which are due to release at even higher prices, too. This can make it hard for people to afford devices of the same spec as the ones they were able to get just a year before. Of course, though, issues like RAM shortages are also impacting this market, and this is something which could get better as time goes on.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready for the future of these devices. As with any growing industry, the world of smartphones is set to change a lot more as time goes on, and this is something worth thinking about before you wait for the next generation. You simply can’t use the prices of current phones as a reference for those about the be released.

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