In a faltering economy with a relatively high rate of unemployment, anyone with a full time job should regard themselves as fortunate. The predictability of a monthly income is invaluable as the cost of living continues to rise.

With so many people seeking full time employment and both public organisations and private companies looking to make cutbacks many workers feel under pressure to make themselves indispensable to their boss, often working longer hours to show their commitment to the company.

However, this can have a major impact on an individual’s work/life balance and simple, everyday tasks start to become much more problematic. When the dust starts to take over your house, the laundry basket overflows onto the bathroom floor, the fridge is empty, you sit down to yet another takeaway meal and you wonder how you’re going to find the time to shop for a birthday present for your Mum it may be time to start to take control again.

Firstly, take the pressure off by finding someone to do your cleaning, washing and ironing. Nothing is worse than having to spend your weekend doing domestic duties instead of relaxing after a hard week’s work or catching up with family or friends.

Secondly, turn to the wonders of the internet to help you out with your shopping. Even if many of the supermarkets stay open all night these days, the last thing you will feel like doing after a 10 or 11-hour day at work is walking up and down the aisles to fill your trolley with groceries. Do your food shop online and arrange for a delivery in the evening after work. You can order your shopping when it’s convenient for you and the supermarkets charge only a nominal cost for delivery. It doesn’t take much time then to chop a few vegetables to put into a fresh pasta sauce, boil up some fresh pasta and you have a healthy, tasty meal in minutes!

Finally, the birthday present for your Mum. Choosing gifts for family and friends, whatever the occasion, can be a headache for a busy person as you want to take the time and effort to find a present which is perfectly suited to the recipient but you don’t have the time to visit all the High Street shops, even if you managed to finish work before they all closed for the day.

Thankfully, the internet comes to the rescue once again. There are plenty of gift websites featuring present ideas such as Find a Present UK for all occasions and for all kinds of recipients. That birthday present for your Mum –how about an unusual bookmark?

A good work/life balance is important for a healthy lifestyle. With a bit of organisation, it’s possible to work hard and to relax or play, without having to worry that life is slipping away from you. We can’t find you a domestic goddess and we can’t fill your fridge, but we can help you to bring pleasure to your family and friends by finding them the perfect present with a minimum of effort.