There are some staple items that no wardrobe is complete without, regardless of personal style. However, there has been a lot of criticism recently of the fast fashion industry and how cheaply made garments are unethical and contribute to the climate crisis. The following is a collection of items which are worth putting a little extra money towards to ensure you get high quality materials that will last for years and be used frequently.

A Pair of Gloves

Every year, you need clothes moving into colder seasons, and every year many find themselves dropping a fiver on some cheap, thin gloves which offer minimum protection and very little style. Investing in some well-made, high quality gloves is one of the most noticeable differences in winter attire. Not only does the practical use improve dramatically in weather resistance, comfort and hand dexterity, but the influence the garment has on your outfit makes you look much more put together.

A White T-shirt

Everyone has one. Most people have quite a few, but so many neglect this item in terms of finding one that is a high quality fabric. You can really tell the difference with this item, as cheap white fabric greys quickly with washing, stains more easily and sometimes shows what you wear underneath in an unflattering and embarrassing manner. Investing in this product allows you to have a staple item which goes with anything, and you can wear it for years and years. An example of a white tee that stands apart from the common, cheaply made market can be found at, and you can be sure a garment like this is prized for its material and crafting.


Boots are known for being prized items which transform any outfit. These are great to invest a little extra in, as you can re-sole and repair the natural wear and tear that all shoes go through. While you can’t maintain a pair of trainers from general use, boots are unique in their ability to stay fresh for years with the right care and attention.

Pencil Skirt

These are such a versatile garment, suitable for both the office and a night out, and comfortable enough to be casual wear to. We recommend purchasing one in muted colours so it goes well in lots of outfit combinations, or in a pattern if you want it to be a more interesting item to draw focus, and try in a medium length with a slit to allow mobility and make it great for any occasion.

A Watch

This is a great piece to invest in, as it doubles as jewellery as well as its practical time piece function. A high-quality watch will last much longer than its more cheaply made competitors, and having a lovely piece can make you feel like you are wearing a bracelet rather than a clunky weight on your wrist.

These are a few of the best items to keep in your wardrobe as high-quality pieces to enjoy and rely on. While style is an ever-changing medium of expression, some items just never go out of fashion – so it’s worth making sure you love them!

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