A Little More About Paris

The magical world of Disneyland Paris. Going up The Eiffel Tower. Sipping wine on the River Seine. Taking a tour of Stade de France. What do all of these places have in common? They are all found in the city of love, Paris, France. A beautiful city, steeped in history, culture and of course home to the French cuisine like baguettes, crepe and fine wine, Paris remains one of the top visited city break destinations on the planet, despite the horrific terror attack of recent years. Americans from all over the US visit Paris every year to experience its style, romance and grandeur.

Flying Into Paris

There are quite a few airports available to land in. Paris Beauvais, Tillé, Orly, Airport-Le Bourget and Charles de Galle are all possible destination airports. It really depends on where you intend to stay on your trip or if you will travel around. For example, some are closer to Paris city centre or closer to Disneyland Paris.

Flight time and prices vary. You may wish to book a flight from washington to paris for your romantic getaway or you might want to book a business class flight for a work trip. Daily, flights go between Washington and Paris. From the US east coast, there is a time difference of between 5 and 6 hours (daylight saving). Alternatively, for those of you seeking flights from los angeles to paris (American west coast), an approximate 8 to 9 hour time difference must be factored into your trip. Air France operate daily flights from LA to Paris, with competitive prices. Keep an eye out for deals and book early to get a good price!

Which Season Should I Go To Paris In?

The good news is that Paris opens 24/7, 365 days per year, with many tourists visiting in the winter over the Christmas period, while others might venture over in the hotter summer climate to get the most from their trip, weather-wise. Some families will venture to Paris for Disneyland during Spring and Easter holidays.

Must-See Parisienne Attractions

One of the most famous European buildings and most certainly in Paris – the Eiffel Tower. It’s a wonderful sight to see and you will find street entertainers on the grounds below and many artists and market stalls selling art and crafts. With splendid views of the Parisienne horizon, The Eiffel Tower is a truly unique attraction and to think it is built from unwanted steel!

Of course Disneyland Paris is up there with the great day trips or indeed a full week stay holiday with the family also. Disneyland is not only a wonderful and magical place for children as it has many theme park attractions and activities for the older generations too. If you have time, visit Disneyland Paris and meet Mickey!

The Final Word

Look for good flight deals and if you are bringing your younger family, make sure you treat them to Disneyland, for an unforgettable experience. You’ll be the greatest parent in the world. Enjoy!