With the winter wedding season nearly here, there has been a surge in popularity of people looking at warm, cosy pubs for the setting of their wedding reception venue.

With these types of venues rapidly catching up with the larger, expensive venues such as country halls, all it takes is a little vision to create the perfect wedding reception. So as a couple or pub manager, here are some ideas to get you started.

Set the Mood

Creating the right atmosphere is one of the first decisions to make when planning the wedding, so as a pub manager or owner, you need to be flexible in what you can cater towards. There are many ways you can create the perfect ambiance. Candles, tablecloths and place settings are all great ways to brighten the room and add elegance to the pub.

The furniture is also a vital component of any wedding reception. Traditional pub furniture maybe slightly too dark for a wedding. Consider some wedding friendly stacking chairs that can be laid out and put away with ease. A light colour will fit in well with the elegance of the room, something you wouldn’t usually have with traditional pub furniture.

Go the Extra Mile

If a couple have picked your pub as a wedding reception venue,  they have a good reason for doing so. Whether you produce amazing food or have a great bar area, the trick is to expand on this and go the extra mile. Remember, if they wanted a traditional wedding venue, they could have picked anywhere!

One idea could be having members of your staff walking around with tasting samples of the food on offer from your delicious menu. This way you will keep them coming back for more, even after the wedding is over.

If your pub has a great bar area, make sure you have enough space for dancing, as well as space for the DJ. Having enough space means your guests won’t feel cramped and will help keep them entertained throughout the evening.

Accommodate the children

Aside from a separate table for children, there are many things you can do that will go down well with both the children and the parents.

If you have enough space, why not have a room full of bean bags and games that will keep the kids occupied for a few hours whilst the parents relax with their friends? Games like big Jenga or snakes and ladders are great fun, and everyone can get involved.

The presentation and the food you serve the children will also prove vital to the success and word of mouth of your venue. Brightly coloured plastic plates and cutlery will help create a sense of occasion, and serving kiddy favourites such as nuggets and chips will help keep the kids on your side.