Photography is a great way to open your eyes and experience the world in a new light. If you’ve been taking snaps at the usual destinations like Paris and New York, then check out these 7 less talked about destinations.

These amazing locations are guaranteed to provide you with some stunning shots, whether you are looking to picture people, nature or architecture.

7. Lei Chau Island, Hong Kong, China

Lei Chau Island is among the world’s most densely populated places and this crowded city offers you plenty of quirky photo opportunities. If you are into landscape photography, then try climbing on top of the Yuk Kwai Shan Mountain for a bird’s eye view.

6. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

If you love to take photos of people and you feel at ease at buzzing marketplaces, then the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the place to be. It is one of the oldest market places in the world, dating all the way back to 1520. With over 4,000 shops, you are sure to find unique photo opportunities and willing shopkeepers to strike a pose.

5. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The islands of Bora Bora are a true paradise on earth. Not only are you going to take some stunning photos, but you’ll also get to relax on the amazing sandy beaches. Consider going for underwater photography, as the extinct volcanoes ringed by the turquoise lagoon are unique spots for great photos underwater.

4. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

If you are into nighttime photography and the night sky inspires you, the Haleakala National Park will be a great destination to visit. You can camp at the park overnight with a camping permit and the levels of light pollution are almost non-existent.

3. Ladakh, India

India has plenty of colourful places for stunning photos, but the north-western region of Ladakh can give you a whole new perspective on this lively country. The barren land is located 10,000 feet above sea level and it provides almost moon-like scenes for photos. If you are lucky, you could even zoom your camera into an endangered snow leopard.

2. Torres del Paine, Chile

The amazing 935-square mile park is a stunning location to take photos of nature. You’ll get to experience the best drama on planet earth, with changing weather, high mountain peaks and ice glaciers. The weather changes a lot at the park, so remember to come well prepared!

You might even pump into other visitors and take beautiful group photos, as the park averages around 150,000 visitors each year!

1. Sicily, Italy

Italy as a country is made for photography with its beautiful architecture and amazing landscapes. But if you want to capture something truly timeless, then head down to the island of Sicily. Friendly faces and rustic landscapes will greet you with countless photo opportunities. There is something ruggedly beautiful in this island and its photogenic locations.

If the above destinations gave you photography fever, then back your bags and get shooting. To ensure your photos turn out good, you can go through for latest offers on cameras and other photography equipment. Then it’s just a matter of booking the flights and zooming for the perfect shot!