As with most men, at some point in a special lady comes into our lives; one that brings out emotions you’ve never felt before. Am I right? If so, then I’m sure you’re well aware of the various holidays that occur throughout the year including (but not limited too):

  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day

Those holidays in particular usually result in a frantic scramble to find that perfect gift. Moreover, it doesn’t have to even be a holiday. Gifts are also given for celebrations, dates, life accomplishments, or just to express your heartfelt emotions for someone. If you want to wow her—whoever she may be—then you definitely want to give her the perfect gift; one that not only satisfies her interests, but one that also might convey your own emotions towards her.

But what to choose? So many options, so little time. Not to worry, I will give you a little help regarding the classic gift categories that always win.


Technology has been, and always will be, a big hit. With new innovations hitting store shelves each and every day, tech-related gifts will never go out of style. For a sure-win gift, think about getting her a new smartphone, tablet, laptop, or music player (ex: iPod).

Clothing, Shoes, or Accessories

At some point, every man has been annoyed with their woman’s obsession (and I use that term lightly) with clothing. With that being said though, that makes the clothing department a fantastic place to get that perfect gift. You can even venture online. A fancy, new organizer from Brighton Collectibles is always going to be a hit. Aside from that, you can never go wrong with a dazzling new coat, dress, pair of shoes, or designer bag!


Flowers will always be an old stand-by for the classic romantic gift. Roses, tropical arrangements, or even her favorite flower or plant, are all great ideas. Many flower services allow for delivery nationally and internationally, allowing you the element of surprise no matter where she is.

Gourmet Food or Candy

Instead of just getting her something to eat, get her something that brings out her inner gastronome. Popular gifts include gourmet chocolates, locally- and/or organically-sourced food, or even already-cooked goods. Most companies even allow the option to ship right to her!


Everyone loves to relax with a nice cocktail, glass of wine, or frosty glass of beer. Find out what her favorite adult drink is. Then, provide her a set to create that drink in the comfort of her own home. Even better if the fact that this is a gift you can enjoy with her!


Artwork from a local artist is always a hit. Or think about picking out something that will match her home’s décor. Paintings, portraits, prints, sculpture, pottery, and even jewelry are all great ideas.

Subscription(s) to Media Services

Services that deliver music, games, and movies to you are a huge hit. Why not buy her a subscription to a service that you know she is sure to use and love?

Gift Cards

Gift cards allow anyone to choose a gift that truly speaks with them. You can get them for specific businesses, restaurants, or ones that can be spent in many different places.

A Night Out

How about an old fashioned date night? A dinner, a movie, a night out watching the game or dancing, as well as shopping or a walk in the park are all ideas.

Other Keepsake Items

Get her something she can pass on to someone else who is also special to her. A chest, quilt, or table, are just a few ideas.