Whether you’re training for the Olympics, a marathon, or for an Ironman Triathlon, you want your body to perform at its best. To be the best, you have to train hard and maximize the time you spend in the gym. It’s important to find the right trainer and understand how to get the most out of your workout.

Increased Oxygen

Many high performance athletes benefit from hypoxia training. This is where you train at a higher altitude than where you live. Because there is less oxygen as the altitude increases, the body compensates by releasing a hormone that produces more red blood cells, which aids in oxygen delivery to your muscles. Training in the mountains or even above sea level can improve your performance. However, there are benefits to living in a higher altitude and training low. It could be very beneficial to your training program to utilize different altitudes during training.

Muscle Recovery

Training regularly puts a lot of stress on your muscles. One way to improve is to make sure that you are getting enough rest. Look at your hormone levels if you aren’t sleeping well, as this affects your recovery time. To get the most out of your workouts, you have to take care of all of your needs. This includes your mental health, your spiritual health, and physical health. Rest and relaxation help you stay focused during intense workouts. Researchers have long thought that meditation helps soldiers stay focused, and they are studying the effect of mindfulness on athletes in UC San Diego, who took first, second, and third place at the 2014 USA Cycling Elite BMX National Championships.

A sports massage is another way to get your muscles to recover quicker. Massage dilates the blood vessels, which encourages circulation into sore muscles. In addition, your heart rate lowers during a massage because you are relaxed. Your massage can be tailored to increase flexibility and reduce the soreness in the muscles you used during that day.

When you work out, alternate muscle groups, so that you ease the stress on any one part of your body. Warm up properly before you begin training hard. This is one of the reasons pitchers play catch at short distances before getting on the field. Make sure you have the proper technique, which also prevents injuries. Experts recommend training at different speeds, focusing on strength, agility, and coordination as well as speed.

Diet and Nutrition

Athletes who perform at this level need an excellent diet that provides all the nutrients their bodies require. Nutritional and endurance supplements are a way to increase the vitamins and minerals that you need, without eating copious amounts of certain foods. In fact, when your body isn’t getting enough calories for the amount of energy you burn, it actually breaks down the muscle to get the energy.

Your sport has unique training needs. Golfers do not need to work on the same muscles that runners do. You need a trainer who knows and understands your sport when working out. It takes a team to train as you as you do. Work with your trainer, nutritionist, therapists, and doctors to make the most of your performance. When you’re injured, get the care you need to heal before making the injury worse. Learn more about your body to understand how it works when you’re exercising. Knowledge is power.