Taking the time to plan your vacation and cut corners where it makes sense is the best way to enjoy your vacation to Miami Beach, Florida. Some of the best vacations combine sightseeing and special events, but they also include some down time and relaxing days at the beach. Learn how to book reservations, find great accommodations, and what to see and do.

Best Time to Visit Miami Beach

If you’re looking to save cash on hotels, hostels, rental condos, or resort accommodations, the least expensive time to explore Miami Beach is during the off-seasons, or what is referred to as the shoulder seasons.

Shoulder seasons take place from April to May, and again in September to October. In addition to saving a few dollars during shoulder seasons, you’ll find many of the attractions to be less crowded, which is an added bonus.

Booking Miami Beach Vacations

Whether you’re booking a flight, accommodations, or car rentals, you’ll typically pay more during holidays, weekends, or peak tourist seasons. Often you’ll get cheaper rates on car rentals and hotels if you book them for longer than a week.

Booking hotels, rental homes, and car rentals well in advance of your vacation frequently results in deep discounts. However, the opposite may be true. If your time schedule is flexible, you can sometimes catch a last minute flight and receive a good discount, or you can receive a hefty savings on hotel rooms during off seasons.

If you just don’t have time or the incentive to research and schedule car rentals, rooms, or flights, consider searching the Internet to find package deals. These not only save research time, usually you’ll also walk away with some good discounts.

Cheaper Accommodations

Typically, travel costs, accommodations, and food are the three areas where people spend the most money during a vacation. When planning your trip to Miami Beach, consider your priorities and the needs of your family or friends that may be taking the trip.

If luxury hotel rooms, room service, adjoining restaurants, spas, exercise facilities, and swimming pools aren’t an absolute requirement, consider toning down your living arrangements to make your stay more affordable.

Homes, furnished condos, and apartment rentals in Miami Beach can be just as nice as five star hotels or resorts. They also cost less and often have some wonderful amenities.

Condos and home rentals are often large enough to accommodate several family members or even two families, which saves a god deal of money. Full kitchens reduce restaurant expenses, and home rentals are typically more comfortable than hotel rooms. Many homes have backyards where the kids can play, and some allow pets, which saves boarding costs.


Miami Beach, Florida attracts thousands of people every year because it has so many outdoor activities, beaches, and free things to see and do. At the top of the list for most people are swimming, sunbathing, surfing, kayaking, and jet skiing.

Staying in hotels or resorts in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach can be expensive, but if you’re looking for great entertainment, it has wonderful opportunities. Strolling through Ocean Drive or down Lincoln Road is free and relaxing. Adults and kids are sure to enjoy the Miami Beach Botanical Garden in South Beach, a free destination which specializes in native plants.

The kids will also enjoy the Miami Children’s Museum and Jungle Island, which aren’t free, but they offer exceptional entertainment.

Saving money on vacations gives you a good feeling, and often those trips are some of the most memorable. When planning your Miami Beach vacation, allow time for fun entertainment, but don’t forget to include some freebies that help to balance out your budget.

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