The idea of a family vacation with your kids sounds like a great idea because it allows you to spend some quality time as a family. However, anyone that has kids will tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Taking your kids on a 30 minute trip is one thing, taking them on an hours long trip is an entirely different thing. Kids are usually restless, which means getting them to behave themselves on a long trip is a herculean feat. After about an hour in a car, your kids are likely going to start yelling and fighting over a toy or asking you every five minutes “Are we there yet?” which is cute in the beginning but quite annoying after the first five times they ask the question.

Another thing about long trips with kids are the frequent unscheduled stops. Kids have to go to the bathroom a lot, which means you’re likely going to be stopping the car every hour so they can take a bathroom break, which means your chances of getting to your destination on time are slim to none.

With that being said, if you are planning a trip with your kids, here are a few things prepared by My Voucher Codes to know before setting out on your adventure.

Planning The Trip

* You should consult with your kids when planning a vacation to ensure you’re going to a place everyone will enjoy. You should keep in mind that you enjoying one thing doesn’t mean your kids will too.

* If this is your first family trip, try to make sure it isn’t over a long distance. If it is, try taking a flight to your destination instead.

* If you’re travelling by air, make sure your flight is at night, so the kids can get some sleep.

* Make a plan for what you want to see and accomplish during the trip.

Packing For The Trip

* Make sure you have enough toys, games, movies, and activities that will keep the kids occupied during the trip.

* Pack the kids’ cases for them so they don’t leave anything behind.

* Don’t forget the chargers for your mobile devices.

* Take a first aid kit with you in case there are any minor injuries during the trip.


* Make sure your hotel is in a central location that is quiet, safe, and close to amenities.

* Check the hotel reviews to make sure it’s up to your standards before booking the rooms.

* Consider renting an Airbnb if you have a large family, that way there is enough room for everybody.

Food and Drinks

* Encourage your kids to try some of the local cuisine.

* Make sure you buy your snacks and beverages from the supermarket instead of the hotel, to avoid paying too much.

* Take snacks with you when touring to avoid spending too much on food while you are out.