Planning a holiday that has activities that suit all family members can sometimes be challenging. Enjoyment can be increased by spending time together as a family to stimulate thinking and problem solving, learns new skills, coupled with some physical exercise. When all those aspects come together to provide fun for all the family you are onto a winner. “The family that plays together stays together.”

Teaching your children to love and appreciate how to have fun in the open air helps them to learn about nature and the environment. The ages of your children will have some bearing on what considerations to make. Younger children find the whole world exciting and simple fun can bring the greatest reward. Teenagers usually respond to challenges that build confidence so it is important to offer activities that might be on the edge of their comfort zone to give them a sense of achievement.

Adventure Playgrounds

Some of the best places for holidays provide large recreational areas in the great outdoors or where there are large parks for different sports and activities. These might be centered on aquatic activities or adventure game areas. These places often have qualified instructors on hand to teach new skills and set challenges.

These holiday destinations often offer many sports and activities inclusive in the price, so children can sample many to find out which ones they wish to learn to a higher degree. They also run Kids Clubs for different age groups so children get to meet and play with others on a similar level. One advantage is that parents can choose to take some free time while their children are well supervised.

Discovering New Trails

If you want something that children of all ages can enjoy, something as simple as hiking together on nature trails along rivers, up valleys or into the mountains might be a good option. Children love to go exploring so you could make it like a nature treasure hunt to see which animals and plants you can find. Older children might enjoy the challenge of being taught rock climbing by a qualified instructor.

Riding bicycles is a great way to exercise, gain co-ordination as well as have personal transport almost anywhere – through country lanes, city parks or on mountain trails. Keep everything safe with helmets and well maintained bikes with working brakes and suitably inflated tires. Even if there is a puncture you can use the opportunity to teach your children how to make a repair.

Wet and Wild Fun

Swimming and playing water sports always make for great summer fun and the best places are open air swimming pools or natural environments like rivers, lakes and the sea. Floating down gentle rivers in rubber tubes or canoes or kayaks is a great way to enjoy nature. You might even consider white water rafting together – rivers have different grades so they are not all rough and tough pounding rapids.  

Learning to sail is always a good life skill.  It teaches people to become aware of wind, weather and water conditions. You might sail on wind surfers, small sail boats or catamarans depending on where you are holidaying. Lifejackets are a must along with skilled instructors to ensure safety aspects are adhered to. If there is not enough wind, paddle boarding is a great option for an on top of water activity.

Get some Airtime

If you want your children to view the world from a higher perspective you might check out hot air ballooning, paragliding or take a ride in a helicopter. Hot air ballooning and riding in a helicopter are things the family can do together while paragliding is usually one to one with an experienced pilot. However they are all exciting and create lifetime memories.

Travel Entertainment

And don’t forget to start the holiday with some peace and quiet. Here are some ideas keeping the kids entertained on flights or in airports. So much can be packed into one electronic device these days, from books to read, games to play, or internet to explore.

Make you next family holiday a great one for everybody and start planning now. It’s a big wide world out there to enjoy.

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