Most road accidents happen because people get distracted. Most people are incapable of performing multiple tasks at the same time, but that does not keep them from trying, especially when they are on the road. The following distractions are especially notorious for taking your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road:

1). Phone

This can’t come as a surprise. Most people have either made or received a phone call while driving at least once in their life. Phone calls are a danger but, regardless of whether you are making or receiving them, it is possible to talk and to drive at the same time, keeping your hands and eyes glued to the steering wheel and the road respectively.

Text messages, on the other hand, are completely inexcusable because they have the capacity to monopolize your attention. The same can be said for video calls and emails. The problem with mobile devices is that so many people believe they have the coordination required to use their functions without sacrificing the concentration driving demands from them.

It normally takes a tool like Driven to Distraction to show the average driver that they do not have the reaction time required to juggle the demands of their phone and the rigors of driving.

2). Food

This will definitely surprise some people. More drivers than you could possibly imagine have drawn the ire of the law because they were caught drinking and eating behind the wheel. The notion sounds ludicrous but it is also very popular.

People eat and drink while they drive because it saves on time. The majority of culprits will tell you that they often take breakfast on their way to work. And because they have a personal vehicle and they cannot afford to delay, they choose to eat as they drive.

3). Music

In a way, entertainment in the car is even more hazardous than cellphones because most people do not recognize the danger it poses, not until it claims their lives. It isn’t the music itself that poses a threat but, rather, the focus you have to give to the controls of your radio or CD Player whenever you wish to change the station or the song.

As a responsible driver, you are expected to keep your eyes on the road at all times. But the moment you start fidgeting with the controls of your radio, your attention will waver, flitting back and forth between the radio and the road.

And if something unexpected happens on the road, such as the car ahead stopping suddenly, your distracted senses are unlikely to observe and then react to the occurrence in time.

4). Passengers

Passengers have a tendency to increase your chances of crashing on the road. Many an accident has occurred because the driver became so engrossed in their conversation with the other passengers in the car that, when the unexpected happened, they could not react in time or compensate effectively to stay on the road.

5). Sleep

This is the scariest of the distractions that drivers face because you cannot control it. No one chooses to doze off while driving. In fact, most people do not realize that they have fallen asleep on the road until they wake up. Some drivers do not actually doze off. Rather, they are so determined to repel the urge to sleep that they do not realize that their fatigue has compromised their senses. And in that regard, they are just as dangerous as people who fall asleep altogether.

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