Instagram, owned by Facebook, has taken over the social media marketplace. It provides similar features to many others, but does it with a care and a polish that people really enjoy when presenting their life to others. Instagram has become one of the best ways for a business, individual or entity of any kind to promote themselves – or just a simple method of impressing your friends. However, users often don’t realize just how easy it is to influence opinion with this simple app.

If you’re trying to establish yourself as a social media personality, expose your business or generally look good on the interwebs, we’d recommend using Instagram in the following ways:

Double Editing

We all know that Instagram has gained popularity thanks to the image filters you can place over your photographs. It also reduces your photograph to a square format. This means you can post images with a certain sense of uniformity and with an overlay that gives it a sense of style. This is extremely useful for anyone hoping to simply make their timeline look more aesthetic. However, before you upload to Instagram from a mac, it can pay to edit these photo’s earlier. Using photoshop to touch up or airbrush your photographs subtly can add to the professionalism of the image, and with the overlay on top could help simulate that amateurish quality we have come to know and love there. That means you can enhance the aesthetic value of your posting, and potentially draw more and more eyes towards it.

Hashtag To Heck

Hashtagging is one of the main ways to find and feature content. There are content farms that simply monitor certain hashtags and will like your photograph in order to increase their reach. This is good however, because the more a post is liked the more relevant it becomes. This also means that other people will see it on their timeline, or that you may even become featured in the browse tab. Be sure to look for variant ways to post many tags under your posting. For example, let’s say you’re selling your restaurant’s new promotion. You might use variant hashtags that mean the same thing but catch the most people. For example, #food, #cuisine, #catering, #chef #foodfridays #foodpromotion, and on and on. Hashtag your post to heck and you’ll see just how much reach you have. Reach often leads to influence, so this is a net positive.

Sponsor, Support & Synchronise

It’s also important to reach out to other influencers. Then, through osmosis, you can both support each other with an audience. You might choose to do this via sponsoring those with many followers, placing natural ads in their posts. You might choose to begin a marketing campaign with another business, effectively lending two sets of followers to one another’s base. This can work well with companies offering disparate products with different audiences, but those that are tied together through some sort of connection. For example, an artist with high energy, high BPM workout friendly music connecting with a fitness brand.

There are many potentials in the world of online marketing, and Instagram currently provides the most exciting forms. With these simple practices, you’ll be sure to take advantage of them.