There are few automobiles with a history as storied as that of Land Rover. One can literally say that this famous automobile opened up previously unexplored parts of our planet to the modern world. Through the almost 80 year history of the brand there have been many ups and downs yet the brand survives and thrives today. With a little help from Land Rover of North Dade (Miami), here is the history of Land Rover in 10 short bullet points.

1. The Land Rover was first designed by Maurice Wilks, an aeronautical engineer, and his associates in 1947, basing the vehicle on the Jeep chassis designed by Willys. In 1948, the first Land Rover was officially launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show.

2. In 1967, Land Rover becomes a part of British car manufacturer Leyland Motors, which later becomes known as British Leyland. This partnership helped the company grow.

3. In 1970, Land Rover debuted the Range Rover, which is still the most popular vehicle model created by the manufacturer. Although the design has changed over the years, the basic philosophy of the Range Rover has always stayed the same—deliver comfort, excitement, and sophistication all in one car.

4. In 1976, the one-millionth Land Rover leaves the production line. There’s no question that Land Rover has joined the ranks of the world’s most famous automobile brands.

5. In 1987, Land Rover’s Range Rover is officially debuted in the United States.

6. In 1994, Rover is now taken over by BMW. BMW continues the Land Rover philosophy and maintains it’s luxury reputation.

7. In 2000, BMW breaks away from the Rover Group and instead sells Land Rover to Ford

8. In 2007, Ford sells the Land Rover lineup to Jaguar, where the luxury model remains today.

9. In 2011, Land Rover introduces the Land Rover Evoque, a new take on a luxury SUV that inspires adventure among all who drive it. In a bid to stay competitive as rivals from BMW to Buick vie to dominate one of the industry’s fastest-growing segments—luxury compact crossovers—the British marque adds plenty of new tech.

10. In 2017, Land Rover introduced the Land Rover Velar, a high-end SUV with All Wheel Drive (AWD) with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) and Torque Vectoring.

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