Everyone who’s keen on fitness has fallen out of shape from time to time. Whether schedules at work simply get in the way of going to the gym or you’ve just lost motivation, it can happen to even the most hardcore workout enthusiast. Getting your body back into shape, however, doesn’t have to be tough. The workout tips shared here are specifically designed for those who want to get back on the fitness bandwagon even after some time away.

Cardiovascular exercise

When you’ve just started exercising again for the first time, it’s likely that your immediate goals will focus away from long-term fitness projects such as building up big muscle masses. This means that some of the exercises that you would usually find on offer in the gym probably aren’t suitable. The best place to start is cardiovascular exercise: these sorts of workouts focus on increasing your heart rate. Running and swimming are both cardio workouts, as are biking and aerobics.

Endurance work

When you’re coming back to exercise after a long break, it’s important to re-teach yourself the power of endurance. The sort of motivation problems that come from your endurance levels slipping may have caused you to get out of the exercise habit in the first place, so it’s important to do this. How about challenging yourself to have shorter and shorter breaks in between rounds of cardio exercises? This way, you’ll be easing yourself back into fitness – but you’ll slowly be building yourself up back into a mean exercise machine.

Get the right gear

Getting back into exercise also requires some investment in clothing and gear. The main reason for this is that you could find yourself injured if you don’t do this, and this can just set you back even further. Compression clothing is ideal as it makes your muscles as well-defended against strains and tears as possible. Tommie Copper stocks this sort of gear – the Tommie Copper brand is well-known around the world as a trusted choice.

In addition, some motivational tools might be good investments. Picking up a smart watch that tracks improvements to your exercise rates, for example, could give you a visual illustration of how well you’re doing and push you to go further. If you don’t have a good pair of headphones, meanwhile, then it’s a good idea to get some so that you can listen to motivational tunes as you work out: that way, the risk of you becoming bored and falling behind is much lower.

Getting back into shape after some time off the weights and the treadmill can seem like an uphill struggle. It doesn’t have to be, though: by following these top tips, getting back into exercise can be simpler than you think. From selecting routines that fit your condition to investing in some workout gear designed to prevent more hurdles from arising, there are plenty of ways to maximize your chances of a successful return to exercise.

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