It used to be that if you started a business, you had a much lower chance of it succeeding than you do now. Technology is getting bigger and better, and businesses are becoming more and more innovative. There are also more resources out there to help you to succeed than ever before. Because of this, studies have shown that startups are growing so much faster than they have in the past.

However, you still need to try to stay ahead of your competition if you’re going to succeed – so how can you do that? By making your business as accessible as possible for your audience. The best way to do this: with a mobile app!

Before you sit down to create your app and spend a ton of money doing so, you need to know a few things first. You need to know what the purpose of your app is, who your target audience are, and whether your idea is even financially viable at all. When you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to move forward.

Here are some dos and don’ts you should make sure you cover when taking your business mobile:

The Dos

Do Create A Rough Plan Before Starting

First thing’s first: you need to set out creating a rough plan for your app. Make sure you’ve thoroughly researched, analyzed, and clarified your needs when doing this. Keep an eye on competitors and make sure you know all about the leaders in your niche. You can then go about creating an app that’s even better than what’s already out there, on top of something that suits your business and your audience down to the ground. When you have your plan in place you should get a better idea of whether your app is truly viable, too.

Do Hire Professionals To Create Your App

Hiring professionals with plenty of experience to help you create your app is a must. Creating your own in house team or hiring freelancers to do the job isn’t the best idea. Make sure you do thorough research and take a look at a portfolio before you make your decision. You shouldn’t take any risks when it comes to creating your app, but if you fail to hire a team of pros, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

Make sure you get quotes from a few different companies, check out their portfolios, and speak to them to get a feel for their customer service. You want to be kept in the loop, and ensure you’re working with a 100% transparent company when creating your app. You could be waiting 4 months or more for it to be finished, so you want to work with a company that will keep you updated every step of the way.

Do Get A Good Marketing Strategy Prepared

Preparing a good marketing strategy is a must for any kind of business. You want to make sure you get a high number of downloads for the user base of the app, but you can only do this if you market your app successfully, helping it to stand out from the rest of the apps out there. Make sure you know exactly where your audience are hanging out and then use that information to market your app as best you can. You could advertise your app on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, for example. Creating an awesome app is only half the battle. You need to get people to download it next!

Don’t Make Random Changes To Your Plan Midway

Making random changes to your plan is a bad idea. Unless you want even more pressure on your head then you should finalize a basic plan for your app and make sure you leave it at that. You should be 100% confident in the plan that you have so you don’t feel the need to make changes midway through development. Nothing good ever came from being wishy washy, so when you’ve got your idea, trust in it and stick to it.

Don’t Create A Complicated App

Creating an effortless app is what it truly takes to ensure a successful mobile application. Having an app with lots of features can make the app more expensive and far more difficult to use. Having a simple user interface is one of the best things you can do in 2018. Using QA automation can help you too. By creating your app in phases, you can analyze any changing market demands and then be able to use the data you have gathered for phase two. The only true thing that matters is the user’s experience, so you need to make sure your app is giving a smooth, enjoyable experience to your audience. Make sure you get feedback from your audience and listen to their complaints and queries. Testing out your app in Beta could also be a good way of making sure your app is ready to go before launching it to everybody.

Don’t Go For A Single Platform, Choose Multiple

Creating an app on a single platform is a terrible idea, as you’re basically cutting off a huge portion of your target market. You want to give people choice and make sure they have an option available for their own platform. If you decide to only create your app on Android, for instance, you will be limiting your reach to your customers. You want every potential client of yours to have access to your business through your app, not just the ones who own a Samsung or an iPhone.

If you want to take your business mobile, then using the dos and don’t in this guide will help you to get to where you want to be effectively. Remember, thinking of the user experience should be your number one concern, so ensure it’s at the heart of everything you do. Your app should be user friendly above all else.

Leave your thoughts about taking your business mobile below. Thanks for reading!

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