It’s fair to say that every state in the USA has a reputation; something that that state, in particular, is known for, that resonates with the general public. For some states, the associations in the public consciousness are rather distant – Idaho? Potatoes… maybe? – but for others, there are immediately a thousand connections that people can think of when the state is named.

Florida is a prime example of a state with a huge number of associations in the public mind: election drama; Space Shuttle launches; Disney World; the Everglades; and many more will all come to mind. Due to this, Florida remains one of the states that is most popular for tourists – but primarily for beach-style vacations.

However, while there’s no denying Florida can deliver truly spectacular and relaxing beach holidays, the state’s cities are more than capable of providing an incredible experience to those who choose to visit. Here’s a few you might want to try for yourself.


Tallahassee is found alongside Sacramento and Albany in the list of state capitals that everyone gets wrong on a trivia quiz, but there’s plenty of reasons to get to know this relaxed, highly cultured city a little better.

Tallahassee is infused with an almost quaint, relaxed atmosphere, and you’ll love the opportunity to stroll through the streets and bask in the wonderful weather. Furthermore, the city is particularly well-known for its incredible museums, art galleries, and historical sites – with the Museum of Florida History a particular highlight. As a result, if you’re looking for a calm, highly-cultured city break, Tallahassee is definitely worth considering.


Miami is a city that truly needs no introduction; as one of the most vibrant, beautiful cities in the world, it’s more than capable of speaking for itself. For those who have only experienced the city via TV shows or movies, you’ll be delighted to learn the city is every bit as wonderful as you likely expect.

There are experiences and activities for everyone in Miami, with opportunities to bask on the beach, shop up a storm at the Lincoln Road Mall, renting boat in Miami from which to enjoy the delights of the surrounding ocean, or travel back in time with a trip to the Vizcaya Museum all sure to delight visitors. Rather impressively, Miami manages to live up to its huge reputation, and you’re sure to love every moment you spend in the aptly-nicknamed Magic City.


Although Florida is – obviously – a southern state, few people think of it as the south. In Pensacola, however, you will discover a charm that is very definitively “southern”, and the city is a unique Floridian experience as a result.

Pensacola is a relaxed, beautiful city that offers the usual incredible beaches one would expect from a Floridian city, but with a touch of southern charm that cannot be denied. There’s plenty to do and see in the state as well, though history buffs will be particularly delighted with the numerous old fortifications – such as Fort Barrancas – which can be part of your sight-seeing trips.

In conclusion

Florida may not immediately spring to mind as a city that offers fantastic options to those looking for a city break experience, but as the above cities demonstrate, the Sunshine State is a worthwhile choice if you’re looking for a vacation you’ll never forget.

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