Traveling is an opportunity for an enlightening journey into foreign cultures and aesthetically-mesmerizing places. Of course, in this modern age, we feel as if we know everything about everywhere. This is certainly true when it comes to the world’s most famous cities. We’ve seen pictures of towering skylines on Instagram and read plenty of articles or seen plenty of movies that depict the most popular urban jungles in the world. You’ve basically explored these cities already, right?

Come on. You know that’s not true. Where’s your sense of adventure? There’s more to any city than its stunning skyline. You’re barely glimpsing the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the tantalizing images that you like on social media should be an incentive for you to experience these destinations in person. And if you’ve no idea where to begin on an exploration such as this then here’s a guide to the 5 best cities in the world.

New York City, United States.

This wouldn’t be a list of the best cities in the world if it didn’t mention New York. The Big Apple is the pinnacle of must-visit cities. And it’s no surprise that it’s become such a popular tourist destination given the density of not only clustered skyscrapers but also a vibrant modern culture. The shopping possibilities are endless; even if you don’t have the money to buy all the glitzy things in designer stores, it’s enough to simply window-shop and gawp at all the beautiful items.

A visit to Central Park is obviously something that you have to prioritize whilst you’re there too. Amidst such an urban manmade environment, it’s a breath of fresh air to walk through such beautiful scenery. You should also visit the zoo whilst you’re in the park; it’s magical. New York is definitely one of those cities in which all the obvious tourist attractions are definitely worth seeing. Those famous attractions are something else in the flesh. Sure, you’ve seen a thousand pictures of this city but there’s no experience quite like standing at the foot of the Statue of Liberty and craning your neck to admire its magnitude or standing on top of the Empire State Building to admire the entirety of NYC in all its glory.

Singapore, Southeast Asia.

Technically, it’s a city-state and not a city in the traditional sense but Singapore had to make it onto this list. It’s a fascinating island country with an independent culture of its own but it is, in very many senses, a city. Of course, given the density of manmade development and the immense population on this island, it’s more of a megacity. There’s so much culture and sightseeing potential packed into this place too. You should head to the glorious retail district of Orchard Road first. All the huge designer brands are crammed into this beautiful stretch. It’s a shopaholic’s heaven. Singapore has much more to offer than that, though; it’s beautiful Botanic Gardens boast a stunning blend of tranquil scenery and artistic sculptures.

There’s really an endless list of things to do and see in this intriguing part of Southeast Asia. You might run out of time to see it all in one trip. Of course, you could look for an affordable property for rent in Singapore if you really fall in love with the place and never want to leave. The thing about travel is that you just can’t predict how you’ll feel about a place until you see it for yourself. You might have admired pictures of Singapore before but seeing the magnificent city-state in the eye-opening. It’s really an awe-inspiring experience to visit Singapore and witness its entirely unique combination of modern and traditional culture. This island is an organism that is ever-evolving, so there’ll probably be far newer and better things to see by the time you get there.

Venice, Italy.

Venice is another classic city that just had to make this list. If you haven’t been then you’re missing out. Europe has much more to offer than England or France. Italy is a fascinatingly unique country in terms of its culture and its beautiful landscapes. The city of Venice is one of its most fascinating parts, however, given the unique nature of its layout. There’s no other city in the world quite like it. Stunning canals weave in and out of buildings, taking the place of what would otherwise be roads in the typical city. But Venice, of course, is no typical city. When you’re done admiring its colorful homes and stunning bridges, you should get out of the Gondola and head to one of the many wonderful wine bars you’ll find scattered throughout the city. There’s nothing like the local wine in Venice.

Paris, France.

This is no city with quite as much charm as the capital of France. Paris is famous for far too many things to cram into one list and no human could possibly have time to see it all. Still, there are certainly highlights that are well worth prioritizing when you visit this unique and intriguing part of the world. You should start by checking out some of the many galleries throughout the city because art is certainly one of the things for which Paris is most famed. It’s a city which boasts as much contemporary, modern creativity as it does traditional art and culture.

Of course, if admiring art isn’t your style then there are many other things to take in when visiting Paris. The Eiffel Tower is an obvious site to visit; you’ll get to venture up one of the most famous buildings in the world and admire one of the most famous cities in the world once you reach the top of it. Still, don’t spend your whole day at the top of the tower; there’s a whole city to explore down below. The cuisine is something you have to try. Before you even think about dinner, you need to check out some of the top bakeries in the capital, such as Du Pain et Des Idées; call it brunch if you head there later in the day. There’s nothing quite like an authentic pain au chocolat.

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