Working a 9-5 job, 5 days a week in an office usually means sit hunched over a computer for the majority of your time. Whilst you’re busy updating websites, reading emails and writing reports at your desk it is very important to keep active and healthy. People suffer from muscle ache, back and neck problems from sitting incorrectly and becoming unhealthy because they are not moving enough whilst at their desk and eating/drinking bad products. It can be difficult to keep healthy whist having an office job however by following just a few simple tips; you will see an increase almost immediately.

Move Around

It really is that simple. Many people wonder why they have neck or back pain after sitting at their desk all day until they realise they have been sitting incorrectly. By simply getting up and out your seat every half an hour and stretching your legs you will feel healthier. Walk to the toilet, the kitchen or just around the office and let your blood flow through your body, legs stretch and head have a break from a screen for a few minutes. An increasing amount of women do not exercise often because of a lack of confidence in their breasts and do not have the right support to feel happy. Seeking advice from professionals is one way to help increase confidence about your body, in particular your breasts. Researching online and accessing information from Dr Ellis Choy is a great way to see what options are available.

Some offices have evolved their desk area with standing desks for their employees because of how unhealthy it is to be sat hunched over a computer for 7 hours straight. Other companies have stretching and exercise sessions for employers to have a break from their computer. Standing is healthier than sitting; it is much better for your back and even burns calories. And don’t forget to take advantage of your lunch break, enjoy a walk around the offices, to the local area or even play sports for half an hour.

Drink Water… Lots of it

Dehydration can easily occur when you are concentrating and staring at a screen for hours. If you’re busy you might forget to drink water as often or you might be drinking a caffeine-heavy drink such as Red Bull or coffee however it is vital that you try and drink as much water as possible. The more hydrated you are, the better you will feel and the more productive you will be. And this might mean you need to go to the toilet more frequently but that is good, as it will help stretch your legs.

Snack and Eat Healthy

You can probably find chocolate and crisps within reaching distance in the office but resist the temptation and have a healthy snack instead. Eating unhealthy, manufactured snacks do more harm than good to your body, mood and over feeling. Although you might get a short-term high from the delicious taste of chocolate or packet of chips, the lows are worse and not fun to experience when you’re stuck at your office desk answering calls and replying to emails. Snacks are essential to cut cravings, keep your metabolism high and help control your sugar levels. To stay healthy in the office why not try snacking on healthy alternatives such as carrots and hummus, apples, dried fruit or savoury crackers to combat the sugar highs and lows that can come from unhealthy, manmade foods.

By following these simple tips you can start feeling healthier in the office and enjoy your day job more. Simply stretching the body and keeping hydrated will make so much difference to your working life and it will allow you stay healthy in the office.