The executives at Sony have to be smiling right now, because the PlayStation is back on top as the most popular video game console. The company recently revealed that they have sold 25.3 million units of the Playstation 4, which is more than twice the number of Nintendo Wii U units that have been sold, despite the fact that the Wii U was released a year before the Playstation 4 was. The 25.3 million units old is also more than twice the total units of Xbox One that their main rivals Microsoft sold.

To put things in a better perspective, the total units of PS4 sold is actually more than the combined total units of the Nintendo Wii U and Xbox One console sold. The popularity of the PS4 was a pleasant surprise to Sony officials, who weren’t expecting this much success, after the lower than expected performance of the PS3, which struggled out the gate due to the high price of the console, but it ended up rebounding and finished in second place behind the Nintendo Wii.

At the current rate PS4 consoles are flying off the shelf, industry insiders estimate that there will be a PS4 console in 39 million homes around the world by March 2016.

Sony apparently learned from its mistakes with the PS3, because the price of the PS4 console was cheaper than that of the PS3 when it was released, which helped them with their sales. Despite the reduction in price, it was still a surprise to Sony executives that they have sold more consoles than both of their rivals by such a wide margin, especially the Xbox One, which had more exclusives released on it than the PS4. In the coming months, the PS4 will have some big titles like Street Fighter V, released exclusively on the console, which should boost its sales some more.

The PS4 is the most popular console at the moment, and it has sold a lot of copies, but it is still a long way away from becoming Sony’s top selling video game console. That title belongs to the Playstation 2, which sold over 155 million copies from 2000 to 2012, when they stopped making the console. The PS2 had a 12 year run without any major challenge, which allowed the company to sell that many copies, but at the rate technology is constantly changing, it is unlikely the PS4 will have a 12 year run or sell as many units as the PS2. At the rate things are going, even if it can’t catch up to the PS2, the PlayStation 4 is still going to be one of the top selling video game consoles of all time.