From 16 to 20 June, Royal Ascot will once again position itself as the pinnacle of the British style calendar. And although much of the attention will be focused upon the horse racing, there will undoubtedly be a great deal of press coverage over who was wearing what at this highly publicised event.

So if you’re thinking of heading to the Ascot racecourse to rub shoulders with royals and celebrities, here are a few pointers to make sure you look the part.

Dress code

As befits such a highbrow event, there are rigorously enforced dress codes to be aware of. If you’re thinking of going anywhere near the Royal Enclosure, then be sure to make sure that any dresses are at least knee-length, shoulder straps should be over one inch wide, and don’t even think about showing your midriff!

Both genders must wear hats, and fascinators are strictly off-limits in the Royal Enclosure. In the Silver Ring there is a less stringent code, but sports shorts and fancy dress are definitely not permitted.

Maxi dresses

Thankfully, the strict dress code allows you to take advantage of one of the year’s big trends – maxi dresses. A maxi hem and a high neckline mean that you’ll avoid the dress code police, but by choosing light and flowing textures, you’ll be able to feel fresh and lightweight.

Similarly, the maxi dresses encourage a range of embellishments such as pleats and sequins that will add a touch of subtle glamour to help you stand out from the crowd.

The bookmakers Coral recently unveiled a dress made out of betting slips, but if you’d like to feel a little more chic whilst checking out the favourites, then the current vogue for retro A-line dresses can be valuable in adhering to the dress code. Plus they can be worn in a range of bold and brilliant colours to really give the event a bit of a wow-factor.

Dazzling accessories

The one area of the dress code that allows you a little room to manoeuvre is the area of accessories. Although fascinators are forbidden in the Royal Enclosure, you can still be bold with your headwear as an eye-catching headpiece (as long as it measures more than four inches) can still have a dramatic impact.

Furthermore, there’s great choice to be had in selecting your dream combination of handbag, shoes and jewellery. Just be sure to make sure the shoes are sturdy enough to handle a day in the grandstands!

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