With plane travel being so easy, cheap and convenient, you may well think that these days’ people do not bother to make road trips in the US. That is not the case, though. There is something special and exciting about setting off for a long journey in a car, and many people still spend their vacations this way. In fact, it seems that many Americans would rather dive than fly. It seems they find it a much more enjoyable experience that getting on a plane to reach their destination, but they do need to be prepared if they want a faultless journey.

Clean The Car Inside And Out

You should start your journey with a clean car. Empty all the trash from the glove compartment and side pockets, as you might need those for things that you need to keep to hand while traveling. Throughout the journey, they will no doubt start to fill again, so when you see a bin, get rid of the rubbish again.

Junk starts to accumulate very quickly, and at least every couple of days you should shed it all.

Check For Any Problems

About a week before you leave you should have your car checked over by a mechanic. Minor problems should be put right so that they do not develop into major ones. Make sure your spare tire is in good condition and fully inflated and put jumper cables and extra wiper fluid in your trunk as well.

Check with your insurance company that your policy covers you for traveling through other states, as not all of them do. You should also join a roadside rescue service. Although you do not expect to break down, you can never say never, and this could save you a lot of hassle.

Accidents are the same, but they tend to happen when you least expect them. For instance, if you are in an accident with a large vehicle, you may need the services of a truck accident attorney to help you get back on the road. While they deal with all the legal implications.

Have A Plan But Be Flexible

Regardless of if you are heading somewhere to stay for a while, or you will be doing a round trip, have a plan, but be flexible enough to alter it. If you are visiting places you have never been to before, you may well come across some that you would like to stay a little longer than you intended. By the same token, you could find somewhere you really are not happy about and want to move on straight away.

You need to know the route you are going to follow, but do not pin yourself down to exact amounts of times at each stop.

Do Not Rely On Technology

One of the beauties of a road trip is that you can get off the main highways to see some of the wonderful sights America has. This is wonderful, but what if you get lost and there is no phone reception? Without your smartphone navigation system how will you find your way? You should always have some paper maps and a compass somewhere in the car that is handy, as then at least these will guide you in the right direction.

Useful Things To Have At The Ready

The bulk of your clothes and anything else you are taking will be packed in suitcases in the trunk of your car, but there are some things you should have to hand for the journey. A bag of snacks and drinks can be very useful; just do not forget to replenish them at your next stop. If the driver has been at the wheel for several hours, they may well need something to eat and drink to keep them alert.

Some wet wipes are a must to wipe sticky fingers, and if there are children in the car, these are even more vital. Load your smartphone with some music that you will all enjoy, or even with a TV show that you can watch when you are on a break. Don’t forget to take your phone charger along, or you could find that your smartphone is pretty useless anyway.

Enjoy Your Road Trip

Your road trip should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience and if you are properly prepared there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. You will see places that you would miss totally by flying, meet people you would never have known and these two things alone make a road trip a much better option than just hopping on a plane.

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