For people born after 1983, the traditional ways of dating, where a guy asks a girl out, and are exclusive to each other, move in together, and eventually get engaged, are pretty much over, thanks to the emergence of social media platforms. Nowadays, Millennials have turned to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as their main tool to connect to people they are interested in dating, and have also done away with many of the labels that people have used in the past.

The reason for the change in dating methods is actually quite simple, most of the people that were born between 1983 and 2000, became adults during the era where mobile phones and other mobile devices became popular, and are used to communicating with each other through text messages and social media, whereas the previous generations communicated in person, or by using telephones, which require one on one interaction.

Today, a young adult single adult generally meets a potential date at social gatherings with other friends, which is a departure from the face to face dates that people used to go on in the past. These social gatherings allow people to keep their options open when it comes to dating, because they can either hang out as friends, and hook up from time to time, without having to be a traditional couple.

While this new way of dating takes a lot of pressure away, it still has its own problems. The fact that a lot of the communication is done through texts and other social media messaging, coupled with the fact that most people meet in groups, make it difficult to determine what people are really doing, are they just friends, are they dating, if so, are they exclusive. The lack of definitive labels can cause problems down the road, because one person might think what they have is more serious than their partner, who thinks it’s just a casual thing.

Another problem with social media dating is the fact that you can’t really tell the type of personality a person has through their Facebook or Twitter profile, because a lot of people try to make themselves seem more interesting or try to sanitize their profiles to make them seem more suitable than they really are. This can lead to a lot of disappointment when you finally meet the person, because you have built up an image of that person in your mind, based on what you saw in their profile.

Social media and text messaging might seem to have made dating easier, but it leaves people less emotionally connected with each other, which is a problem older generations never had with the traditional dating methods that they used to find their mates.