Talented and dedicated employees are the beating heart of any organisation and so if you want your business to enjoy lasting success, it’s vital that you attract the right people to work for your firm. However, especially if you’re rushed when you’re recruiting new members of staff, it’s all too easy to make mistakes. Here, we take a look at some of the most common hiring faux pas – along with ways to avoid them.

Not reaching out to the right people

One classic error is to fail to reach out to the right people. There are a host of ways to engage with jobseekers these days. From traditional approaches like placing ads in publications and job centres to more modern techniques like promoting positions via social media and professional networking websites, there are many different options to consider. Whether you’re eager to attract interest among students or you’re looking for senior-level professionals, you’ll need to target your recruitment resources at the right channels. Don’t panic if you lack experience when it comes to this task. There is the option of enlisting the services of HR experts. For example, specialists such as Penna can identify the most effective media channels for you and they can run this aspect of your campaign on your behalf.

Writing unsuitable job descriptions

Writing misleading or inadequate job descriptions is another common pitfall. Too often, firms rely on outdated descriptions or, because of time pressures, they create poor-quality documents that simply don’t contain the necessary information. Bear in mind that bad job descriptions can put candidates off and they can cause you to hire unsuitable people to fill your positions. Ideally, your job descriptions will be produced by line managers who have first-hand experience of exactly what the roles involve and what sort of people are needed to fill them. They will also include all the necessary information, including details such as job title, salary range, responsibilities, location and any experience, skills and qualifications required.

Failing to find people who are the perfect fit

There is a science behind identifying the best candidates during the recruitment process. Relying on intuition, first impressions and some basic questions is not enough. This lax approach can increase the risk of hiring the wrong individuals. Depending on the nature of the roles you’re recruiting for, you may need to use a range of assessment techniques, from online situational tests to individual psychological profiling. Again, if you’re not confident performing these assessments yourself, there is the option of turning to third-party specialists.

Not selling your company at interview stage

Lots of businesses forget that interviews are a two-way process. Yes, you are assessing the candidates, but bear in mind they are also analysing you. If you don’t come across as professional and you fail to sell your company as an appealing employer, you could find that the best candidates walk away. With this in mind, it’s important to think about how you can make your firm and the positions you’re advertising as attractive as possible.

By avoiding recruitment mistakes like these and following the advice in this blog, you stand a better chance of hiring the perfect people to fill your jobs.

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