You’re looking for adventure, for a holiday which you’ll remember for years to come. You want impressive architecture, hidden gems, and treasures to remember forever. Think of Istanbul, a city which will stir your senses, sit back and take it all in. You may not automatically think of Istanbul as any more than just where “East meets West” but there is so much more to Istanbul than may first meet the eye.
If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you might want to take in the beauty of the city by boat, admire the dramatically different landscapes, and the beautiful waterside Ortakoy Mosque, best admired from the water.

Visit the bustling bazaars to be tempted by traditional Turkish clothing and smell the aromas of spices and traditional coffee. Feast on tradtional Turkish snacks, allow your taste buds to indulge! Listen to the sounds of the city so varied, from the Islamic call to prayers, the hustles and bustles of a busy street, the birds singing in the trees. John Malkovich’s video really demonstrates the beauty of this city, it is ever changing, the bright city lights, the bustling streets, busy river, nothing stays still for very long!

There is so much more to Istanbul, than you might immediately think. But you need to look, and listen, and be prepared to be surprised – or perhaps amazed! Take the time to let Istanbul really stimulate your senses, to start your journey, just close your eyes and listen.