Tuscany, Italy

There is a lot to Tuscany but for a foodie, there is a whole lot more. While in Tuscany there are a few things you must try out. Try the Lampredotto which is the fourth stomach of a cow cooked in a broth then it is served with spicy sauce or what they call salsa verde. There’s also the Panzanella: it is a cold bread salad made of tomatoes, basil, vinegar, red onions, salt and of course unsalted bread. If you’ll be in Tuscany in the winter, then try out their favorite winter meal the Ribollita. This is dish that contains a variety of cabbages, onions, beans and carrots. The Italians also have a way with stale Tuscan bread. They make Pappa al Pomodoro by taking the stale Tuscan bread and cooking it with basil leaves, tomatoes and garlic: delicious!

There’s an array of restaurants where you can get all these treats in different locations. In Pisa there’s L’Ostellino, Gusto Giusto among others; in Florence try Panini Toscani, All’Antico Vinaio among others; Lucca check out Allosteria and Da Pasquale and finally in Siena, try Antica Salumeria Salvini and La Taverna di San Giuseppe.

Cornwall, UK

Cornwall has a lot to offer visiting foodies. There are many amazing traditional dishes that you definitely have to try while here. Cornish Pasties/ Oggies for instance are a good start. This is made by filling a crusty pastry with rutabagas, beef, potatoes and onions which are then baked to cook. It makes for a good carry-away snack. Clooted/Devonshire Cream is another Cornish treat that is a must. This is basically cream taken from milk that is heated with steam then left to cool. Another must try is the Stargazy Pie which is pie made with small fish like langoustine or sardines arranged on top with their heads looking upwards as if looking to the sky.

Some of the restaurants you’d want to visit in Cornwall are Crissy’s Tearoom in Perranporth, Gusto Deli Bar in Newquay, Oliver’s in Falmouth and The Dining Room in Rock among many others. This is a fantastic place to come away with friends for a UK break and sample some of the best food the UK has to offer.

Bordeaux, France

The French have a fine taste for food. The best way to indulge in this variety of cuisine is to visit the top restaurants available in Bordeaux. The Septieme Peche or Seventh Sin located a short distance from the Bordeaux Museum of art is a nice place to start. Chef Jan Schwaitalla will satisfy your appetite with such delicacies as his Oesuf Ozen and redefined black forest desert that leaves you crying for more. Near City Hall you will find Le Bistro du Musee. Home of fine wines, this restaurant boasts of some of the best food including Pacheren de vic bilh among other fine foods. Enjoy the fine view of le Pont Saint Pierre Bridge and St. Michael’s 16th century spire as you relish the delicacies at Café du Port. This restaurant is famous for seasonal foods, a variety of shellfish and foie gras with a side dish of beef and their sauce bordelaise. They also have a fine selection of wine. There are plenty of fantastic French cities for a foodie tour, but Bordeaux is up there with the best.