Trying to figure out what the best possible methods for promoting your business can be a challenge but it’s undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any successful business strategy. Of course, there’s no doubt that digital marketing has become a major force in the business world but, sadly, that doesn’t really narrow it down that much. After all, there are so many avenues for digital marketing and the current market is more crowded than ever before. It can be hard to find a way to stand out from the thousands of other businesses promoting themselves online. However there are things that you can do, and one of the best options for standing out from the crowd online is through online video. Video is one of the best ways to deliver high-quality content to your customers online without forcing them to read long walls of text or clogging their inboxes with spam emails. Here are just a few ways to use online video to promote your business online.

Create high-quality content

It’s hardly surprising that this is the most important step when it comes to using online video to promote your business. If the content that you’re putting out isn’t engaging or interesting then not only is it not going to keep your customers’ attention but it’s also going to reflect poorly on your business as a whole. Make sure that your videos are educational, entertaining, emotionally engaging, or some combination of all three. People are instantly connected to content that delivers on these things and are also far more likely to share that kind of content. You also need to make sure that the videos themselves are well made. Fortunately, there are thousands of resources online to help you create high quality video content. From simple editing tricks and techniques, to technical stuff like understanding Premiere Pro file formats, there’s almost always a resource out there for any problem you might have. Sadly it won’t matter how good your content is if it’s delivered badly so make sure that your videos look and sound as professional as possible.

Pick your platform

Choosing where to put your videos is more complicated than you might assume at first. It often depends on what kind of content you’re creating. If you’re trying to create a regular video series that’s easily identifiable, then places like Youtube are perfect for that as they allow you to set up an entire channel dedicated to your videos. However, if you’re trying to create viral content that’s designed to be shared all over social media then it might be a good idea to simply upload it straight to places like Facebook and Twitter. That way you can cut out the middle-man and get the content straight to your customer.

Be consistent

Whatever method you use to deliver your videos to customers and whatever style you make them in, it’s important to be consistent. You should have a consistent visual style in all of your videos so that they are easily recognizable and can be connected to you as easily as possible. Not only that but you should upload content as regularly as you can, weekly if possible. People can be pretty fickle online, and if you disappear for too long, then you’re likely to be forgotten. Make sure that you’re uploading videos regularly enough so that you can guarantee that you won’t be forgotten under the mountains of content that are constantly pouring into people’s news feeds.

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