Operating a business is all about increasing profits and giving your customers an excellent product. However, in order to do both of these things, it’s important to cut down on your expenses so that more money can be funnelled into improving your product and growing your company.

In your efforts to reduce expenses, you might find that you can drastically cut down on the money you spend by taking a look at your office expenditure and areas that you can cut down on. An office is surprisingly expensive to keep running, so here are a couple of common office expenses that are more expensive than you think and could be reduced.

Utility Bills

Be it electricity, water or perhaps even gas, there’s a good chance that you can cut down on these bills in one way or another. Sometimes all it takes it switching off the lights before you leave the office, and sometimes it involves turning off computers that aren’t in use and clearing up desk space when there are no employees using them. Either way, there are plenty of places where you can cut down on your bills. You’ll also want to keep in mind your internet usage and how much you’re spending versus how much usage and speed you require.

Printing Costs

If you’re still relying on print then it’s a good idea to look for cheaper ways to obtain supplies like Epson printer ink in order to refill cartridges or get them for drastically lower prices than what the manufacturer sells them for. Of course, getting aftermarket cartridges might sound questionable, but they work surprisingly well in most cases and won’t ruin your printer. You may also want to consider relying less on your printer and using more digital solutions, such as sending digital invoices instead of mailing them.

Computer Components

Computer components are surprisingly cheap when you know how to swap parts in and out. A good tip to follow is actually to avoid Mac computers. Due to the way the computers are made, repairing them can be incredibly expensive and take a long time. In comparison, Windows computers are typically easier to fix due to the parts being easy to replace, and anyone with a bit of PC hardware knowledge can replace parts and fix most of the common issues. Windows computers are generally cheaper to purchase as well and are more customizable to your needs.

Office and Work Supplies

Whether it’s buying stationery for your employees to use or stacks of paper that they need for printing purposes, you should also keep an eye on what you’re spending and look for ways to cut down. This is going to vary depending on what you need from your employees. For instance, a design studio is going to have a much greater need for supplies such as art paper, pencils, colouring equipment and other creative supplies. However, a business that only works with digital and rarely needs traditional media will see a much lower cost, but the cost for their other supplies such as replacement keyboards and mice could be higher.

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