Geographically, the US has a lot to offer. Desert, snow, rocks as red as sunset. Yet there’s one kind of landscape that we seem drawn to time and time again. We’re talking about the wilderness. Camping, hiking and fishing take up back to an almost primal age. And they’re also terribly fun. As well as dangerous. So in this article, we’re looking at how to have a safe, fun yet still awesome first trip into the wild.


This is not your average holiday. It’s not a trip down to the beach house. If you want to spend time exploring the wild, you have to come prepared. First, know that weather can have a much more dramatic effect out there. So know the forecast beforehand. This way, at least you’re prepared if the whole woods starts raining down on you. Similarly, prepare the right safety equipment for hiking in the wild. Reflective vests are necessary so you don’t end up on the wrong end of a hunting accident. Make sure you got any permits and reservations you need. Have someone with you who knows how to read a compass and a map. Either that or stick to the roads most travelled. Getting lost in the woods is no joke.

Take plenty of comfort with you

Most trips to these wilderness locations end up being long road trips. So prepare for that, as well. The road trip can be just as incredible as the camping journey. But they can both be uncomfortable as well. So take plenty of comfort with you. For those driving a long distance, it’s recommended that you use an RV instead of a car. With an RV, camping trips are a lot easier to manage. You get all of that woodland experience, but at the end of a night, you get a bed to sleep in. Plus, in howling winds, RVs are a lot less likely to get taken away by the wind.

What to do

Now that you’re all set up, you might wonder what you can do to make the trip more fun. Being in the wilderness can be a unique kind of experience, but we still need stimulation. Hiking is just one form of that. But it can also be the perfect time to try fishing. Head down to the water and try your luck. When you’re not catching anything, learn how to skip stones and have a competition. Play card games by an open fire. Collect bugs or birdwatch and start to be able to recognize the distinctive forms of nature. In the dead of night, you might enjoy some more solitary time-passing as well. There’s nothing like read a great book under the light of the stars and a camp fire by your side.

Hopefully, this guide has gotten you excited for that first foray into some of the US’s wild territory. Just remember to keep it safe and have fun. Before long, this will become a much more often explored love of yours. Few people who want to try camping don’t end up loving it.

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