The kitchen is a place in the home that is renowned for mess and busy work. Still, does this justify all forms of clutter and untidiness? The kitchen’s meant to look like a warzone, right? Wrong! In fact, some say a messy kitchen can be the first cause of an argument in student halls, and mess doesn’t get any more appealing thereafter either!

While kitchens are certainly (and temporarily) grubbier than most other rooms in your home, you should always strive to minimise the chaos. One way you can do this effectively and successfully is by making the most out of the kitchen space that’s already available to you.

Consequently, here are a few creative ways you can really utilise the space in your kitchen for the sake of cleanliness and perhaps even style.

Breakfast Bar

You might be wondering how you can make space by adding something to a room. Well, if you’ve got an enormous long table for you and your family or housemates to gather around, swap it out for a breakfast bar. It’s leaner, slimmer, and can provide a little nook for you all to eat at it instead of a large, overbearing table.

For example, stools from Cox & Cox are easy to come by and affordable too, so don’t be afraid to rearrange your kitchen slightly if it will open up more space in the future. Clunky chairs and cumbersome tables do overstuff kitchens that aren’t particularly large, so if you remove them, you’ll find you have more room at your disposal.

Smaller Appliances

To make room, sometimes you need to downsize not only your furniture, but your appliances too. Chances are you perhaps bought a series of large, bulkier items to really fill the kitchen, but now you’ve realised there’s little room to store anything else; like dirty dishes, mugs or even just room to get your food out of the oven and onto the plate.

Coffee machines, kettles and toasters all come in various sizes. While you might enjoy a toaster that will toast four slices of bread for you at once, ask yourself; is this worth it? Sure, it can be useful if you and your cohabitants always make toast at the same time, but in the end it’s probably a compromise you need to make.

Draws Over Cupboards

It’s no secret that cupboards are a bother. You can spend more time rummaging at the back of a messily organised one than using the thing you plucked out. Moreover, they take up an extraordinary amount of wall space, and just generally make any job you’re doing in the kitchen that much harder and clumsier.

Instead, stay better organised with a series of slick draws. You’ll find every item you’re looking for pretty much immediately and be able to stow the rest away out of sight thereafter instead of having a big, clunky eye sore on the wall. A nice row of draws will at the very least make your kitchen look far tidier, which will create the impression that it’s also more spacious.

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