Your child’s birthday is coming up, and they have been adamant that they wanted to have amusement park rides on their birthday, but you don’t have the budget to rent an entire theme park for the day. What do you do? You get in touch with a funfair hire company, that’s what you do. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your kid’s dream birthday party come true. As long as you have ample space in your yard to put up rides and games that you can see at amusement parks, then you are good to go.  

You get to have a say 

You get to decide which rides and games are at the party. You can assess which ones are appropriate for your child and their guests, and which ones are safe and will not require adult supervision. Compared to holding a party at an amusement park, every ride is free for all. Some kids may not have parents with them, and you will be responsible for their safety. Having a small backyard fairground is the perfect birthday party venue. 

You get to stretch your budget 

If you hold the party at home, you can save a lot of money, even if you have to rent fairground rides. You can even do some things on your own such as décor, food, and goodies. You don’t have to hire a party planner for the job, especially if you are only planning to have a limited number of guests.  

Your child gets to live their fantasy 

Your child has a reason why they chose to ask for a carnival-themed party. Maybe they love going to fairgrounds and amusement parks, and they want to have fun with their friends from school and with your neighbours’ kids. You get to allow them to have fun in the safety of your backyard, complete with all the goodies for your child’s birthday. 

Your child’s friends get to share in the fun 

Seeing your child riding the carousel with their friends in your yard will bring so much joy to you as a parent. Kids are not complicated; all they want is to have fun, play, and eat. And you can make this come true when you put up rides and amusement in your yard on your child’s birthday. It will surely be one for the books.  

Besides making your child’s dream birthday party come true, you should also take into account their safety and their friends’ safety. Fairground rides involve machines that should only be operated by qualified operators. Brief your guests as they arrive about safety precautions they must take so that the party will be uneventful. As long as you have put safety practices in place, you can now relax and enjoy the party with your child and your guests. Make memories with everyone, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures and videos; you can reminisce this day with your child years after when they’re grown.