Low Marriage Rates In The U.S. And Worldwide written by: bakinp According to some recent research, marriage rates are at an all time low in the United States and around the world. According to statistics released by the Pew Research Center, in 1960, about 74% of people aged 20-30 were married, and in 2008, only 26% of people of the same age were married, leading people to wonder what is behind the decline in marriages in recent years.

A lot has changed in our society since the 1960s, and some of these changes can be pointed to as the reasons for the decline in marriages between young adults. Some of those changes are:

Women in the Workforce

In the 60s, men were the primary breadwinners in the family, and women mostly stayed at home to take care of the children, but that isn’t the case today, and there are more women in the workforce than there has ever been. The increase in women in the workforce means that a lot of women aren’t as reliant on men anymore, because they have their financial independence, so they don’t feel the need to get married at a young age.

Changes in Public Attitudes

In the 1960s, there was a public perception that people should be married after a certain age, because it was the way society was back then, today, people don’t feel the need to get married in their 20’s, like they did back then, and some don’t feel the need to get married at all. A big reason for this change in attitude is the drastic change in religious attitudes that our society has today.

Availability and Use of Contraception

A lot of young people in the 60s got married before they had sex, or got married because they got their girlfriend pregnant, mostly due to the unavailability of contraception, and lack of sexual education. Today, there are condoms and other contraceptives available to anyone who needs it, which allows young people to have premarital sex without having to worry about pregnancy, which also means that a lot of young adults who were getting married early just for the sex didn’t have to do that anymore.

The Recession

Although the economy is in a recovery now, the recession prevented a lot of people who would probably have been married from tying the knot. The lack of jobs, and financial security was a big concern for a lot of people who had been considering marriage, leading them to focus on getting graduate degrees and finding jobs upon graduation, instead of worrying about having to pay for a wedding.