Cheetahs are beautiful creatures that are known for their spotted coat and raw speed. They’re also considered a vulnerable species facing significant threats to its continued survival. If you think that you can’t do anything for these magnificent animals because they live in Africa, think again. There are volunteer tourism companies that are committed to animal welfare. By securing your next vacation through them, you can visit South Africa and volunteer on a cheetah sanctuary.

The main goal of these tourism companies is to properly care for these cheetahs until they’re healthy enough to be released back in the wild. As a volunteer, you’ll live on the 10 000 hectare reserve alongside cheetahs as well as other animals indigenous to South Africa. Lions, rhinos, leopards, buffalo, and elephants share this sanctuary, and you’ll be able to see them in their natural habitat. Your duties will be to provide day-to-day care for these animals, rehabilitating those that need extra care. You’ll also be responsible for the general upkeep of the reserve, ensuring that the animals and their human neighbours have a safe and secure place to live.

Working with wild animals shouldn’t ever be taken lightly, and experienced tourism companies offer the highest standards of safety. Before you are allowed daily interaction with the cheetahs, you will go through extensive orientation and training meetings. Even after your training, you’ll always be supervised by expert guides and veterinarians. A professional tourism company will also take your security into consideration throughout your time in South Africa—not just when you’re interacting with cheetahs. By offering detailed itineraries, reliable transportation, and supportive networks for when you arrive, the best volunteer tourism company will have everything organized for you. You’ll have comfortable lodgings, meals provided, and even opportunities for daily excursions off of the reserve.

If you’re interested in volunteering in beautiful South Africa, do your research. In addition to comprehensive training and guidance, a reputable tourism company also has other packages available, so once you’ve experienced living with cheetahs, you can return to help all manner of creatures. You can volunteer with horses, sharks, penguins, and other endangered wildlife; or, if you’re a humanitarian, you can work with sick children and orphans abandoned in parts of South Africa, providing loving and supportive care when they need it most.

The experience you’ll have working with these animals, your fellow volunteers, and the expert guides will absolutely change the way you travel. After having made such a difference in these cheetahs lives, you’ll want to return again and again, devoting your time where it’s needed most.