Heading overseas can often be an energy consuming experience. You spend so much time organising trips that you often feel exhausted by the time it comes to actually carrying them out. Instead, why not let your hair down and take part in pre-planned tours in which professionals take the weight of responsibility off your shoulders and onto their own? Here are a few for you to consider!

Tour Packages

Sure, you could probably plan your own tour of any country you intend to visit if you’re ready to dedicate a whole lot of time and effort to research. However, ready made tour packages help to minimise the amount of work you need to put into curating your experience of your given destination and allows you to just sit back and enjoy the experience. G Adventures Vietnam travel allow you to choose from a range of different packages that will give you an extended guided tour around beaches, rice paddies, and everything else that the region has to offer the avid traveller! Tour packages also give you the confidence that you won’t stray into any questionable areas by accident. Everything is well researched and curated by individuals who have a whole lot of experience living and working in the different areas you will visit.


Safari experiences immerse you in an environment unlike any other. Take African safaris as an example. When you engage with these, you will gain the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness stunning, and even endangered, wild animals up close and personal in the flesh. From adorable little critters like meerkats to huge beasts like the majestic African elephant, rhinos, and hippopotamus. Not to mention Africa’s pride and joy, the lion, and gentle giants like the giraffes. The best part? You don’t have to put any physical effort into the venture at all. You can witness everything from the safety of a 4×4 driven by a professional who knows the best spots and times to catch a glimpse of any African animal you could wish to see. So, browse different options from Nairobi to Tanzania and Kenya!

Desert Tours

Increasing numbers of people are being drawn to the world’s deserts. This isn’t all too surprising – they’re some of the most unique and alien spots on the planet. Now, we’d never recommend venturing into the desert unaccompanied. It’s extremely easy to get lost and this could actually prove pretty dangerous with soaring temperatures and minimal supplies of water. Instead, take a guided tour where professionals will guide you through dramatic expanses of barren land, visiting remote villages and exposing you to lifestyles that you were previously unaware of. Just remember to opt for modes of transport like Jeep, Dune Buggy or Quad Bike. Many tours offer camelback rides, which is unfair on the camels. After all, if you don’t fancy walking through the desert, this creature probably doesn’t want to do it with someone on their back!

So, when your next vacation comes around, make life a little easier for yourself with one of these pre-planned and co-ordinated trips!