When it comes to corrective aids for poor eyesight there is not just one choice for a consumer. You can choose to wear the latest style in spectacle frames, a variety of contact lenses to disguise the fact you need corrective aids, or even have minor surgery. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your lifestyle best.

Eyewear or no-wear?

Let us start with corrective aids, which is the choice most of us plump for when we first discover we have poor eyesight. Spectacles, or glasses, are the most common option and have several advantages. Firstly, you can now choose a pair of glasses that suit your personality, whether that is big and bold, or shy and subtle. You can choose from fully rimmed frames in a range of colors, to lightweight rimless frames, which only have color on the arms and bridge. Fully rimmed frames help you make a definite statement about your look because they cannot be ignored; the downside is you may find them a bit heavy for your nose and ears. Rimless frames are for those who do not want their glasses to make an impact, and because they are rimless, they are usually very light, almost forgettable, making them a perfect choice for the wearer who has to wear them all day long.

Let us move on to contact lenses. There is a longer process involved in deciding to wear contact lenses, because you first have to be checked to ensure you can wear them without injuring your eyes. People with dry eye syndrome, for example, will probably feel discomfort with lenses, and so are not a good choice. For those who have no such problems, lenses certainly provide a sense of freedom and so are especially good choices for those who lead active lives, such as regular sports players, or those who have a job that may make glasses impractical, such as kindergarten staff.

But what about if you are tired of wearing corrective lenses? Is there no alternative? Fortunately, there is. It can be a bit of a nuisance to have to wear glasses and it can be fiddly to have to keep putting in contact lenses and adhere to a strict hygienic regime, so the alternative is to remove the problem of poor eyesight altogether. And this is achieved by eye surgery, such as that carried out at specialist clinics of which there are many throughout the US. Treatment using a laser to remove the problem tissue is now commonplace at specialist clinics like LASIK Blaine, Minnesota. This surgery is safe and swift, and recovery times are short. It is likely you will have the vision you always wanted the very day after your surgery. Laser eye surgery is a great alternative to corrective aids, especially contact lenses, which can prove very expensive. There is a significant initial outlay to laser eye surgery, but the effects are long-lasting and can significantly improve your quality of life. Just imagine having near perfect vision again, being able to see clearly without having to wear glasses or lenses.

What corrective visual aid you choose should depend on your lifestyle, how you want to look and appear to others, and how much you want to spend on achieving clear vision. It is nice to know that there is an eyewear solution to suit everyone.

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