The Christmas season might be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find great deals during the New Year sales to gift someone a late present. But with so many cheap gadgets that you can buy, how do you distinguish a great deal from stock clearance? Here’s a list of excellent gifts that you any music lover can appreciate.

Music Service Gifts

Whether it’s an iTunes card, Spotify subscription or a Google Play gift, there are dozens of music services on the internet that unlimited offer crisp and clean tracks for an affordable price. Music lovers everywhere love to listen to their favourite songs and discover new music, and the best way to do that is to browse these music services while they work, commute or relax at home.

A music service subscription is cheap and usually lasts 30 days, but you can also buy gift cards for a service like Google or iTunes so that you can buy albums and individual tracks. This is usually better for people that know the music they like and want to buy a specific artist’s music—for the price of a single album, you can usually get unlimited access to a subscription service for a month.


Audiophiles will spend hundreds or thousands on a pair of new headphones, but most people prefer to go for style, value and features rather than pure quality. A Bluetooth headset is a great gift for music lovers that like to get up and dance, or if they travel around often and need a good pair of headphones. They usually come with a lot of accessories such as a carrying case, some extra earbuds or pads and charging cables. Here’s a great post to read if you want to learn more about the various Bluetooth headsets available.

Battery Bank

There’s nothing worse than a dead phone or headset. Gift a portable battery bank so that your recipient’s headphones and devices can all stay charged for longer when they’re out on long journeys or simply forgot to charge them overnight. There are small pocket-sized ones that’ll hold enough charge for a full phone battery and a headset, and larger battery banks that could charge a phone up to a dozen times!

Portable Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is a great way to share your music with friends without having to daisy-chain splitters or use horrible mobile phone speakers. These can range from very portable pocket-sized devices that pack a punch, to larger devices that will rock an entire room with its pumping subwoofer and loud speakers. Most of these devices work via Bluetooth and will need to be paired with devices, but the setup is quick and easy.

Headphone Stand

For those who are proud of their audio cans, a soft and stylish headphone stand is essential. These can be hooked onto tables or placed on a table, and they can be head-shaped or look like incredibly stylish contemporary pieces of art. They’re usually not very expensive unless you want very special or unique designs, and sometimes they might even come with stands to hold your mobile devices.