A press release was released from the headquarters of Kia America in Irvine, California on June 1st, and in this press release Kia America made it clear that they had the best May to date for their brand in North American sales.

They managed to sell nearly 63 thousand units in just the month of May, this makes four consecutive record breaking sales months for the Kia brand, and we aren’t even half way through the year yet. This very well could be the biggest sales year for the growing Kia brand in North America.

Reports from many dealerships like Dulles Kia is that the largest trend in popularity is towards their Sorento SUV and Sportage crossover. The increased interest for crossover and SUVs has been a reoccurring theme for many North American automotive dealerships, as gas prices have been consistently below 3 USD for the past couple of years almost.

One the flipside the automotive industry and the sales for many major automakers have seen a decline year to year for sedan sales, but they more than make up for that difference with increased truck and SUV sales in 2016 so far. Not to mention many automotive dealerships are reporting increased used car sales so far in 2016.

Information about KMA and its full vehicle line-up is available at www.kia.com. For media information, including photography, visit www.kiamedia.com. To receive custom email notifications for press releases the moment they are published, subscribe atwww.kiamedia.com/us/en/newsalert.

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