Despite rumors that Justin Bieber is once again trying to woo his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, reports say that he seems to have moved on from his on again off again girlfriend, because he posted a picture of model Scarlett Leithold, on his Instagram page recently, leading to speculation that the two of them are dating. The two of them haven’t been seen together in public, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors that they are dating from spreading.

One of the big reasons the two of them are being linked to each other is because Bieber has used Instagram to woo women in the past, and is kind of becoming his calling card. When he and Gomez broke up last year, he posted a picture of the two of them together on Instagram a few weeks later, and it apparently worked, because they got back together for a while, before breaking up again.

Since then, Bieber has posted pictures of women he is interested in on his Instagram, and is usually serious about hooking up with them, and generally doesn’t stop complimenting them or posting their pictures until he is finally able to connect with them.

According to one of Leithold’s friends, the model has never met Bieber in person, she is also a very quiet person, that treasures her privacy, so she might not be interested in all the attention that goes with being involved with the Canadian pop star. While all that may be true, it probably won’t matter to her, because she is apparently a big fan of his, and might not care about all the extra attention that comes with being his girlfriend if he asks her out.

Since his most recent breakup with Gomez, Bieber has been linked with quite a few models, like Kendall Jenner, who was a reason Bieber and Gomez broke up earlier this year, and Shanina Shaik, whom he partied with during the summer, after getting in a fight with Orlando Bloom, so it is obvious he has a thing for models. Due to his popularity, he shouldn’t have any problems getting in touch with Scarlett Leithold, but he will probably have to clean up his act a little, because she is a sweet person, that probably won’t put up with his bad boy antics and wandering eyes, like other girls he has dated in the past have, according to her friends.