The workplace has certainly changed dramatically over the past few decades. From the sterile office cubicles of the 1980s, we’ve thankfully reached the point where a few more human-friendly touches have been allowed to enter our work interiors.

Whether it’s using soft and soothing colour schemes or even investing in the latest smart appliances such as electric radiators, there’s much that can be done to benefit the workplace. So here’s a look at a few simple ways in which we can create a more aesthetically-pleasing and potentially productive working environment.

A question of colour

Gone are the days when our workplaces were uniformly painted with bland colours such as magnolia and oatmeal. Modern trends seem to illustrate the fact that many of our working interiors seem to be places that encourage a degree of creativity. Although the hyper-chic office space at Free People might not fit in with the aesthetics of most modern workspaces, it gives a good idea of what can be achieved.

Many of the office spaces feature in the Domino style blog are awash with colour, but the basic room aesthetic is always pared back and delightfully minimalist that encourages a degree of clarity which is essential for the calm contemplation of the workday.

Functionality rules

But the most important aspect for any workplace is its functionality. However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be stripped down to wall-charts and an uninspiring collection of computer monitors. A few simple yet elegant touches such as gooseneck desk lamps and contemporary wall clocks can subtly add an inspiring flavour to a workplace that will make it all the more inviting.

Other environmental factors to consider include making sure that the workplace is light, fresh and cosy. Unfortunately many modern workspaces are still encumbered by old-fashioned heating units, but Verismart have pioneered an electric radiator with a ceramic core feature that can easily be introduced into just about any workspace with the minimum of fuss.

A distinctive twist

And once you’ve got the bare essentials in place, it’s good to try and create a stimulating working environment with some idiosyncratic features. Rather than sterile wall-charts, the use of stylish moodboards can be a fun way to gather ideas and collectively brainstorm.

But if you really fancy making an impression and getting ahead of your competitors, then you can always make a splash with a huge wall decal that when coupled with hi-tech appliances such as electric radiators and some chic colour choices, can go a long way to making your workplace a much more satisfactory place to be.

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