Managing people is always a challenge for business owners. There are, however, some industries that have a higher than average staff turnover rate, such as hospitality and retail. Unfortunately, many employers believe that employees are easy to replace, and don’t value the hard work people put into representing the company. If your goal is to make your retain staff more efficient, better trained, supported, and happier, below you will find a few things you can implement in your organization.

Training and Development Programs

It might also be a good idea to develop your in house training program to make your employees feel more appreciated and supported. You need to understand that for many people working in retail is just a temporary career, and is considered to be a dead end job. That is why you have to offer more than  the few percent pay rise at the end of the year. If you can train your next managers and nurture your talent, help them achieve their personal and career goals, you will be able to keep the best people for yourself.

Individual Support

It might also be a good idea to offer more than courses and compulsory training in your company. If you support people on the individual level, they are going to be more connected with your brand and happier to work for you. Delivering individual support might be a part of your long term process, or you could simply help everyone in your organization realize their talent and their development areas. You cannot use a one size fits all approach when you are trying to engage with our staff.

Coaching from Experienced Staff Members

Whenever you get a new employee and they are starting off in your organization, it might be a good idea to give them all the support they need to get up to speed and acquire the same level of knowledge as people who have been with you already have. This means that you will need to team up more experienced staff with beginners and improve their experience, while recognizing expertise and knowledge.

Aligning Values

If you would like to be the leader who is respected and listened to, you will need to work on aligning your company’s values with your employees’. If you would like to improve your staff retention rates and reduce your human resources costs, you will have to listen and engage with your employees. Ask them for ideas and recommendations, have a democratic, open door policy, and listen to their feedback. After all, your retail staff will have first hand experience in how your customers perceive your brand.

Reward Trips

If there is one way you can reward your employees and teams that will be remembered and appreciated, it is trips and training events. If you would like to keep your best performing workers, you might want to create a  recognition and training scheme that will keep them motivated to do their best and hit their targets. This will make them aim higher and give them the chance to connect with your company on an emotional level. For example, you could send your retail staff to another store to get trained by the best leaders, and get all their expenses and trips paid for.

Health Programs

Employee health and wellbeing is one of the things that gets more attention in media today than any other time. You will need to develop your own health policy and provide rewards for those employees who look after their own wellbeing. Discounted gym and sport club memberships, an insurance that rewards people who are active and eat healthy, or a canteen that offers discounted healthy options will help you reduce absenteeism and improve the relationship with your employees.

Cool Gadgets

Retail staff will appreciate anything that makes their job more fun and easier. You can provide them with various gadgets that will track their orders, help them communicate between departments, and save time. If you are running a larger store, you can also look for cool hoverboards for sale, so you can make the most out of your employees’ time, and improve their productivity, while getting customers’ orders from the warehouse faster.

Cloud Technology

Employees will reward you for developing an effective and fast communication system that will make their jobs easier. For example, if you can invest in cloud technology and a retail app that will help them check stock and order items using their mobile phone, or even ask for help from another department, you will make your company run smoother, and your staff will appreciate your effort, be more proud of your brand, and better connected with your business.

Let Them Create Their Target

One of the things many retail companies have is a sales target. Some employers set targets for departments or teams, while others measure performance on an individual level. No matter which approach you choose, it might be a good idea to sit down with your workers and teams and let them set their own targets, instead of dictating them yourself. After all, you will want them to be connected with the goals, as they will be more likely to achieve them if they set them and fully embrace them.

Make Them Proud of the Brand By Making Them a Part of It

For many retail workers, the most frustrating thing about working for a company is that they don’t have any influence on the processes and the decisions that impact them. That is why you will need to make the most out of your staff’s experience and knowledge and listen to their suggestions. Whenever you are planning on implementing a new policy, you will need to create a project team to ensure that your employees’ voice is heard, and they become a co-creator of the brand.

One of the main problems of retail companies is the low employee retention rate. If you want to keep your staff engaged and motivated, try one of the above methods to help them achieve their full potential.