Is the fridge in your office starting to sprout more types of fungus than a mushroom farm? While we can all make jokes about it, the fact is that this is a major hygiene issue that probably sends your workplace health and safety officer into a panic. The office fridge is much like the office sink and dishwasher; it is no man’s land and no one seems to think it’s their responsibility to keep things in order. If you’ve had enough and need to turn this situation around quickly, here’s how to go about it.

Staff Roster

If staff won’t voluntarily keep the office kitchen or kitchenette in order, make them. The common excuses heard in offices all around the world are “but I don’t use the kitchen”, “I’m too busy” and “I do my share, it’s everyone else that isn’t pulling their weight”. So to level the playing field, make it policy that all staff take turns in cleaning the kitchen, including the fridge, as per a dedicated staff roster. Rosters are fair, and once everyone gets into the swing of things, it should hopefully become part of the office culture to look after shared and common areas like the kitchen.

Monthly Scheduled Clean-Outs

It’s an oldie but a goodie: the monthly fridge clean-out. Very simple and effective, just make sure you send out an email to all staff a couple of days before it’s done to make sure people remove all their items if they don’t want them thrown in the bin. You might need to also put staff on a roster to do this one as it’s pretty unpleasant when it comes to tipping out lunchboxes whose contents may have once resembled someone’s leftovers from last night’s dinner.

Hired Help

If the situation has got to the point where even your staff roster is falling down or you are not happy with staff efforts to clean the fridge well enough, you can always outsource the problem to a professional cleaner. This is also the ideal scenario for busy offices where there are frequent visitors and different staff on different days, or if you’re a small business already operating on limited resources. Ask your commercial cleaning company to incorporate fridge cleaning into their schedule.

If you don’t already have a cleaning contractor or the company you currently use isn’t prepared to clean the fridge, it might be worth looking for a more flexible cleaning supplier and arrangements. Aim for companies that tailor packages to suit the individual needs of your company and only charge you for cleaning services that you need and want, such as AMC Commercial Cleaning .

Clean, organised offices project a more professional image and are more likely to boost morale and productivity. However, staff often don’t feel it’s their responsibility to contribute to the ongoing maintenance and cleaning of communal areas and resources like the kitchen and fridge. If this is the case at your office, it might be time to implement a staff cleaning roster, organise regular fridge clean-outs or, better still, have your professional cleaners do it for you.

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