Doing the same old exercise routine every day can get tiresome pretty quickly. It also stops your body from improving as it doesn’t push your muscle groups to go faster, harder, or stronger. Hence, the best way to achieve fitness goals is to simple change up your routine and keep it exciting – you don’t want to do ‘boring’ exercises because your mind will become less and less motivated over time. Luckily it’s not too hard to revive your workout regime – here are a few ways how.

Change equipment

The equipment you use when working out can alter the whole dynamic of your exercise routine. So if you are looking for a change, why not upgrade your gym equipment? Companies like Fitness Market offer a great range of products that will help you adopt new and innovative workouts. Try adding little things such as exercise balls or jump ropes for an extra challenge, or even look to larger machines for a welcome change of pace.

Ask for suggestions

Your friends and colleagues are sometimes the source of knowledge for new ideas to add to your workouts. Everyone watches different programming, is involved with different groups, and has other influences in their lives. This network of people can easily find you adopting a diverse range of routines that you may never have thought of before, all you need to do is ask the first question.

Tackle the movement in different ways

Are you a pro at push-ups? Why not switch up the typical push-up by changing the way you do it. Instead of a standard move on the ground, lift your feet on a step, put one foot in the air, or move your hands and feet from side to side as you push down. Changing the way you perform certain exercises will keep your body guessing. Muscle memory can be a detrimental issue when working out because your body will be used to the movement, instead of using the workout to get better.

Challenge yourself

Are you used to working out alone? Why not challenge yourself by inviting a friend to come along. Working out together could be fun, but it might also motivate you to push harder. Likewise, why not try a group fitness class to give you new ideas; sometimes having someone else give you directions is easier than coming up with a workout yourself!

Provide incentive

Do you struggle to give yourself the motivation to complete a workout? Why not give yourself incentives along the way. Think of a treat for yourself that you can only enjoy if you achieve a specific work out goal. These goals can be large, or small, short-term, or long-term, no matter what give yourself rewards for making it to your target.

Vary the time of day

Do you typically workout in the early morning, or late evening, or during the day? Why not go at a different time of day. The temperature will be different, the people around you will be different, and you will be different as well. Small changes to your workout routine can be just enough to make exercising exiting again.

What are your favourite ways to change up an exercise routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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