Over the past year, more people have had to embrace working from home than ever before, and in many ways, this has been a surprising and beneficial change. Homeworking can allow a better work-life balance, reduce commuting time, allow us to spend more time with loved ones, and improve productivity. It’s no surprise that many employers are looking at retaining a remote working policy in the future. 

However, working from home can also bring its challenges, especially if your home environment is not set up well for daily work. Read on for some helpful pointers on how you can change this.

Create the right environment

Depending on your home and circumstances, creating the right environment for you to work from home can vary. Some people may have a large room to themselves, while others may have to share a living and working area with other family members or housemates.

Whatever your personal situation, it is still worth spending time to create a suitable work environment for you. If it’s possible to dedicate a separate room for work alone, then you may want to invest in having the appropriate set-up and equipment required, in one area. Essentials such as a desk, additional monitors, and appropriate storage for your items are must-haves. However, also think about making the room feel more pleasant to work in. For example, luxurious fireplaces UK company Stonewoods.co.uk has can boost the mood of your room, with the glow of the fire adding warmth and cozy ambiance.  

If you have less space or have to share it with others, then you may want to choose a consistent area that you can work from on a regular basis, even if that means tidying things away at the end of the workday. A dinner table can make a great desk, just as long as you remember to clear away your notes and laptop once it is time to clock out.

Create a routine

While working from home means that you may no longer need to commute anywhere, you may find yourself missing the structure that came with the familiar routine. You can replicate this in a different way at home, and it can be a great way of getting you motivated and into work mode.

You may want to create your own structure with small rituals, such as going for a short walk or run before your working day starts, making a coffee, or setting up your desk space. By doing this, you can also mark a clear distinction between relaxing and working times and retain more balance.

Stick to your working hours

It can be very tempting to play with the flexibility of your working hours when you work from home, but over time, this can lead to confusion and a lack of balance. Some may find themselves struggling to get motivated, while others may be unable to switch off and feel like they are constantly in work mode.

Neither of these scenarios is particularly healthy, so instead, set yourself clear working hours that are as close as possible to your usual ones while allowing time for a little flexibility whenever needed.

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