The business of hiring new employees can be exhausting, but you want to ensure you are employing the right people. Possible candidates could easily give you information that is not accurate. Thankfully, there are many ways to get the scoop on your potential employees. Here are some tips to help you during the application process.

The Interview

Ask exactly the type of questions you want to know the answers to. Make the candidate give you specific examples about when they displayed a certain trait. Provide hypotheticals. Ask them about your business to figure out if the applicant has prepared and done their homework to be ready for today. Ask them what they will bring to the team if they are hired. What makes them a good fit?

The interview is where you can gauge the person and figure out who they are and how they act under pressure. Interviews are high-pressure situations – how is the candidate dealing with it? Has the room been tense or relaxed? Pick up on and write down everything you can to help you better understand the candidate’s personality.

Background Security Checks

Consider getting security checks done on the candidates that you have shortlisted. You want to know that the person you are hiring is mentally and physically capable of doing the work. Companies like GlobalX Legal Solutions offer a range of security checks that include providing information about misconduct history, employment background, and educational life. A candidate might be upfront about a lot of things, but they also may not. Give them the opportunity to convey certain information… then let the background check do the rest.

Multiple Referees

This is the sphere where you can and want to dig deep. Require candidates to supply two or more referees on their job application. Have the referees paint you the best-rounded picture of the applicant. By getting to know someone from second-hand accounts, you are hearing personal stories that cannot be defined on paper. Former employees and even former colleagues can shed an external light on the person that the candidate might not even do themselves. The referees have seen them in action performing – or not performing – and can give specific examples of the things you want to know about.

Be Sceptical

Hiring the right person can be daunting. Figuring out who you are hiring can be more daunting still. Go into the application process sceptical. Go into each step thinking that you will be disappointed until you find someone to make you change your mind. Set a high bar for the applicants to reach and force them to get as close as they can to it. A candidate should wow you and check all of the boxes you are looking for. Do not just settle but continue to search until you discover the ideal individual. The make-up of your business is how it is presented to public; you want to make it strong and efficient and the only way to do that is with a trustworthy workforce.

What are your hiring stories? Have they been mainly good or mostly bad? Share your experiences in the comments below.