With the increasing sophistication of technology, it is becoming easier than ever, not to say desirable, for a person or family to create their own entertainment center in the home. Creating an entertainment den is not as expensive a venture as you might think and sure beats having to go out all the time to the movie theater.

Define its purpose

The first thing to decide upon when creating an entertainment den is its purpose. Is it, for example, going to be a den for children, keeping them entertained so that the adults can carry on with what they are doing? Is it going to be an adult-only space, complete with a bar area? Is it going to be for the man in the family, a place where he can retreat and enjoy entertainment that only he likes?

The technology

Many dens are going to function as a replacement for the movie theater and will therefore feature some audiovisual equipment. In such cases, the biggest expense is naturally going to be the television. No one enjoys watching big blockbuster movies on a small screen, so it’s worth paying a little extra and buying a big screen TV. For a den, the smallest screen size under consideration should really be 50 inches. A perhaps cheaper alternative to a large screen TV would be a projector screen, or you could even use a wall of the den – paint a wall seamlessly white and you will have the equivalent of a projector screen.

There is no point investing in good visual equipment if the audio equipment will let it down. A good sound system should be considered essential, and you should listen to advice on how speakers should be set up to achieve the best effect. If a home movie theater is the chief objective of the den, then the seating area should be in the center of the room with the speakers positioned at key points around the walls. All other furniture choices and placements should come secondary to this.

Dressing the room

Due to the amount of equipment that will furnish an entertainment den, it is essential that decoration is kept to a minimum. Plain walls would work best, and windows would look better if they were covered with neat shutters, there are a variety of shutter ranges available online. These create a less fussy and cleaner look than curtains and allow the light to be regulated. For instance, they can be closed to keep all the sunlight out, or partially opened to allow enough sunlight in to play by.

Ensure whatever seating you put in is comfortable; for this reason, a large squashy sofa or individual recliner armchairs are the best choice.

Games room

An alternative entertainment den could be a playroom for both children and adults. Furnish the room with a darts board, a football or pool table, and a bar area complete with fridge for all those necessary drinks and snacks.

We all need a space to unwind and relax, and an entertainment den is the perfect place to sit down with a glass of wine or bottle of beer, kick off our shoes and watch a great movie or play a game.