Today, according to some people, there is no such thing as a safe job. You will need to check in with yourself every now and then to find out whether or not you could aim higher, or if there is something more out there for you. Just because when you were 16 or 18 you decided that you will embark on a career, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it, if it no longer serves your purpose of fulfills your life. Below you will find a few questions you should ask yourself before considering your next step.

Are You Feeling Appreciated and Valued?

One of the human needs is feeling useful, appreciated, and valued. If you feel like you are easily replaceable, you might want to find a way to improve your career, and aim higher. In case you are worried that your job could be replaced by robots, you will have to make a move before the company decides for you. If you don’t get emotional rewards and appreciation, it might be time for a change.

Do You Have Space to Grow?

Another human need is self development. You don’t really want to be on the same level of job all your life. That is why you might want to try to find a job with a career progression and development plan. Some employers will offer fast track career packages for the right employees, while others will simply replace them when they can no longer afford their salaries.

Do You Have the Work-life Balance You Want?

You should also ask yourself how suitable your job is for your lifestyle. If you have kids, would you like to spend the weekends with them, or finish early on Fridays, so you can pick them up from school and take them out for a meal? Are you working shifts and getting your body clock knocked out of balance all the time? If this is the case, and you are not sleeping well, you will soon experience stress and mental health issues unless you change careers.

Do You Like People You Are Working With?

The atmosphere of the workplace has a huge impact on your mental health and your lifestyle. You will need to make the most out of your time and potentially even have fun while at work. This doesn’t mean that you will have to be best friends with your colleagues and your boss, but you have to have similar values and work ethics to collaborate with each other.

Is Your Mental Health Suffering?

If you don’t feel like your job is making a difference and you are helping people, your self esteem will suffer. In case you are  a caring person, you will need to find your personal mission aligned with your career goals. Check out the latest statistics on dnp salaries to decide whether or not this is the road you would like to go down and if you have what it takes to work in this sector.

When we are in the wrong job, we often sense that something is out of alignment. Ask yourself these questions to discover your true purpose.