ICE addiction is definitely no joke. It is one of the most dangerous addictions possible, and often leads to death by overdose or other complications if the user does not stop. This highly purified form of methamphetamine will start to ravage your body as soon as you take it for the first time, and can leave you in a very poor state.

During Use

When you are using ICE, a number of things happen. You can stay awake for days, which wears your body and mind out and can cause long-standing health problems. You may also forget to eat, which will leave your body going into starvation mode. You will also feel as though there are insects crawling around under your skin, which will cause you to pick at your skin and leave open sores – particularly on the face. As meth is often cut with sugar, you may also suffer from acne – which is a big target for those scratching fingers during a high.

After Use

When the high from ICE wears off, different physical effects start to take hold. You will be anxious and depressed, which may make you more likely to harm yourself. You will feel exhausted, and mood swings may cause you to act violently either towards yourself or others. Because of your high activity levels combined with lack of food and sleep, you will start to lose weight. This can leave your face with a sunken appearance, almost as though your skull is coming through your skin.

Long-Term Effects

If you continue to use ICE, more effects will come into play. Most meth addicts showcase heart palpitations, weight loss, staph infections from the open sores on their bodies, and poor dental hygiene – which may lead to teeth needing to be removed. They can also suffer from kidney and lung disorders, which may be fatal; brain damage of a permanent or impermanent nature; excessive weight loss to a point of serious harm; a low immune system which means you get ill more often; liver disease; and strokes. These are all just the physical effects – there can be many psychological effects as well, which can be just as harmful if not more so. Many ICE addicts will showcase suicidal behaviours and thoughts.

During Withdrawal

The withdrawal process can be very difficult, both physically and mentally. Cravings for the drug can become overwhelming, and there will also be more physical pain from the body’s craving for ICE as well as the diminished effects as it leaves your system. This is why it is always recommended to check in to a place like the Riverside Clinic to get help during your recovery. Without it, it could be medically dangerous for you to try to go cold turkey on your own. Not only that, but you are far more likely to recover and handle your addiction if you seek out help.

It’s very difficult to stop smoking ICE after you’ve started, but there is help out there to get you through it. The best defence is simply to avoid using it in the first place, as even one hit can prove to be addictive.

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